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10 Code Snippets for Quickly Creating Responsive Navigation Menus

By on February 27, 2017

We’ve curated a collection of the most unique, yet highly usable, menu code snippets that offer a quick solution to the many responsive navigation issues you will no doubt encounter.

How to Create a Responsive Newsletter Template with Media Queries

By on December 4, 2016

To give you an idea of how to create a responsive newsletter template, let’s go ahead and create one. It is actually very similar to the steps you would use to build a web design with HTML5.

How to Make a Website Responsive in Just 15 Minutes

By on November 17, 2016

By the end of these quick tutorials, you will be well on your way to understanding and having the skills to implement media queries on your own site, and finally have a responsive website.

How to Convert a Static HTML Template into a Responsive WordPress Theme

By on October 21, 2016

This detailed WordPress tutorial will show you how to convert a static HTML web template into a fully functional WordPress theme.

The Ultimate Overview of Responsive Web Design Breakpoints

By on October 6, 2016

Breakpoints are an important aspect of Responsive Web Design, as they're the CSS declarations that allow for different layouts to appear at various screen sizes.

The 50 Best Free Responsive Web Templates

By on September 20, 2016

Speed up your design process by taking inspiration from the free responsive HTML templates we have collected from all the best sources around the web!

What Exactly are Media Queries?

By on September 11, 2016

Media queries are what enables your website to call different style declarations from your stylesheets based on the current window width of the viewing device.

Fluid Grid Layout Tutorial For Responsive Web Design

By on May 29, 2016

It's your decision to choose between a fixed or fluid grid to design the layout. Throughout this tutorial, we are going to focus on fluid grids and their importance in responsive design.