When it comes to presenting your work as a designer, it’s important to ensure your work is shown off as well as it possibly can be. For mobile apps, often the best way to achieve this is through mockup templates, which include devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Google Pixel.

By presenting designs within a mockup, it allows the viewer to visualize the design within a realistic situation, and within the device it was intended to be designed for.

There are now an incredible number of high-quality mockup templates available, many of which are free. In this article, we are going to round up ten of the best free mockup templates for featuring mobile apps.

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iPhone Clay Mockup Templates (Sketch)

iPhone Clay Mockup Templates

Minimalistic Mockups for Presentations (Photoshop & Sketch)

Minimalistic Mockups for Presentations

Black Matte Devices Mockups (Photoshop & Sketch)

Black Matte Devices Mockups

Samsung Galaxy Mockup Template (Sketch)

Samsung Galaxy Mockup Template

Trendy iPhone 7 Mockup (Sketch)

Trendy iPhone 7 Mockup

Google Pixel Mockup Template (Sketch)

Google Pixel Mockup Template

Minimalistic Smartphones Mockups (Photoshop & Sketch)

Minimalistic Smartphones Mockups

Isometric White iPhone Mockups (Photoshop)

Isometric White iPhone Mockups

Animated iPhone Mockup Templates (Photoshop & After Effects)

Animated iPhone Mockup Templates

Simple Mobile Mockups Dark (Photoshop)

Simple Mobile Mockups Dark

Know of any other great free mockup templates for featuring mobile apps? Share them below in the comments!

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