WordPress is among the most popular platforms used for publishing. WordPress can be used for your personal or commercial blogs and also for your online businesses.

For this purpose, plenty of online tutorials and websites are available to help you with understanding the concepts about WordPress.

Tutorial websites allow you to handle different WordPress problems and improve your overall knowledge about the WordPress.

We have collected 10 best WordPress tutorial sites that provide you proper knowledge on WordPress and its features.

1. WordPress Lessons

WordPress Lessons

There are plenty of great tutorials available on this site that can properly guide you about how to use the WordPress. It has different categories including: WordPress for the Beginners, Designing your WordPress site, and Website Development.

You can learn the basic knowledge as well as the using the advanced features of WordPress through these tutorials. The website is free of cost and anyone can learn through available tutorials.

Some of their popular tutorials are:

2. TutsPlus

Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus offers plenty of courses and books but, you can also find tutorials on their website. It is updated frequently, and the quality of the tutorials is excellent.

Most of the tutorials are about WordPress theme development and plugins. All the tutorials are easy to understand, giving the best learning experience to the reader. The tutorials are free of cost and anyone come visit the site to learn from them.

Some of their popular tutorials include:

3. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is known as one of the most famous design websites online. Many popular WordPress themes have been released under their name.

There are tutorials available for both intermediate and advance level users. Tutorials are free but these are only published once in a month.

Some of popular tutorials include:

4. Leveluptuts

Level Up Tuts

Level up tuts provides a great learning environment related to WordPress. You will find both basic and advanced level tutorials on this site.

The tutorials are available in the form of series. You can choose the one which you like. All the tutorials available on the website are free and anyone can learn from them.

Some of the tutorial series include:

5. iThemes WordPress Tutorials


iThemes WordPress tutorials include plenty of video tutorials. Plenty of tutorials are available about customizing the WordPress and styling the website with using CSS. The tutorials available are free of cost.

Some of their famous tutorials include:

6. Wphub

WP Hub

Wphub provides you everything that you want to know about WordPress. The site offers premium WordPress themes, plugins and hosts. The site also features some high quality tutorials to help out anyone who wants to learn the basics about WordPress.

All the tutorials available on the website are free. You can easily read them.

Some of the most popular tutorials that Wphub features include;

7. Wpmudev


Wpmudev contains all sorts of tutorials related to WordPress, large and small, simple and complex. You will find the range from beginners to the expert levels.

All the tutorials are absolutely free and you can easily read them. The tutorial articles are divided into different parts because of the length of articles.

Some of the popular tutorials are:

8. Digwp

Digging Into WordPress

Digwp is a perfect way to learn about WordPress. The blog provides quick tips, and copy and pastable codes.

Along with all these, tutorials are also provided so that everyone can learn the most basic and advanced stuff about WordPress. The tutorials are free and you can easily go to the site to learn from them.

Some of the popular tutorials include:

9. WpBeginner


Wpbeginner allows you to extend your power about WordPress. This provides step-by-step WordPress tutorials that are very easy to understand and follow the best practices of the WordPress.

Their WordPress tutorials contain real-life examples, tips, and hacks that allows you to learn WordPress faster. The tutorials are free of cost. You can easily go and read them.

Some of the popular tutorials are:

10. WP Squared

WP Squared

WP Squared is a blog for WordPress but contains many tutorials for the readers. The tutorials are focused on configuring plugins and themes for the website. All the tutorials are available in the form of guides which are in excellent quality.

All the tutorials are free and you can read them to improve your WordPress understanding.

Some of the tutorials include:


You can learn all you want related to WordPress from these tutorials. The purpose of these tutorials is to improve your knowledge about WordPress so that you can achieve the most out of it.

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