If your business has an online presence — which it absolutely should — having a set of eye-catching business icons on hand is a great idea. You can use them in your site’s navigation, in social media images, on infographics, and in many other places. But if you’re reluctant to go search for business icon sets on your own, we’ve got you covered.

What follows is a healthy list of free and premium business icon sets that take the guesswork out of what collections are best and allows you to focus more on building an effective site for your visitors.

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Business 25

The Business 25 icons set offers a solid range of icons you can use on your website and other marketing collateral.

Business Icon Set - Business 25

Outlined Business Icons

This set of outlined business icons offers a cohesive and color-coordinated collection you can add to your site immediately for stunning results.

Business Icon Set - Outlined Business Icons

30 Business Icons

This set of 30 business icons are clear, well-rendered, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Business Icon Set - 30 Business Icons

Cute Outline Icons of Business

Here’s another set of icons that will serve you well. They’re described as cute and feature the outlines of a variety of items and objects to depict concepts.

Business Icon Set - Cute Outline Icons of Business

Free Business Icons

The Business Icons set is completely free and offers more outlines of business-related objects like chat bubbles and magnifying glasses. But it has a few fun items in there as well like rocket ships.

Business Icon Set - Free Business Icons

Magicons: 100 Business Icons

The Magicons set includes 100 different business icons that are engaging to look at and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Business Icon Set - Magicons

Colorful Flat Business Icons

This set of flat icons are super colorful, so sure stand out in a number of different settings. The drop shadow on each icon is an especially nice touch.

Colorful Flat Business Icon Set

Kieka Icon Set

Another option to consider is the Kieka Icon Set. This one is super simple but uniquely engaging in that each icon is bubbly and rounded.

Kieka Business Icon Set

Flat Business Icons

This is another set of flat icons, only these stick to a very specific color palette, which could come in handy if your site favors yellow or blue accents.

Flat Business Icon Set

85 Business Icons

This set of 85 different business icons would suit a variety of websites and since you have so many to choose from, they are entirely multipurpose as well.

85 business icon set

Cosmo: 100 Free Icons

Cosmo is yet another offering that includes 100 different icons with a business focus. There are quite a few food, tool, and random object icons included here as well which makes it truly multipurpose.

Cosmo Business Icon set

Linear Business Icons

Another option is the linear business icons set. This one features very simple outline drawings of common items associated with the corporate world.

Big Collection Business Flat Icons

This is an impressive set of icons. Aptly named the Big Collection, this set of flat icons consists of 640 unique icons that you can start using on your business site right away.

Big Collection Business Flat Icons

Smashicons: 80 Material Office Icons

Here’s another compelling choice. Smashicons is a set of 80 material office icons that feature bold outlines.

Smashicons: 80 Material Office Icons

Color Business Icons

Still another option is this set of color business icons. These simple drawings are colorful and eye-catching and could easily be used in a wide variety of situations.

Color Business Icons

Business Icon

The color palette on this set is lovely. The Business Icon set offers some fun gradients and bold color choices that make it stand out.

Business Icon

Material Filled Icons of Business

The Material Filled Icons set strays away from the outline trend and features filled-in icons that would look great are bright backgrounds.

Material Filled Icons of Business

UIcons: 140 Free Icons

Last on our list is UIcons. This set consists of 140 free and unique icons that you can apply to a variety of aspects to your business and marketing materials.


Check Out These Free & Premium Business Icon Sets

Hopefully you’ll find at least one of these business icon sets useful for your website and company projects. Many fall into the outline style but there’s actually a decent variety here that should keep you experimenting for quite a bit. And since free and premium options are both listed here, you’re certain to find something that fits your aesthetic preferences and your budget.

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