Logos are one of the most important components of a successful company brand. They embody a company’s message and display its personality. A logo should be as creative and professional as possible since it becomes the company’s identity and what consumers remember.

The design world has seen some amazing logos and we wanted to display some of the best examples of clever logo design for you as a source of inspiration. They show how with great creativity how much simplicity can make such a big impact.

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1. Killed Productions

killed typographic logo inspiration

2. Wrong / Right

wrong-right typographic logo inspiration

3. TypeFACE

typeface typographic logo inspiration

4. Galeria 291

291-galleria typographic logo inspiration

5. Twins

twins typographic logo inspiration

6. TicToc Clocks

tic-toc typographic logo inspiration

7. Gizzy Bear

gizzy-bear typographic logo inspiration

8. Artists United

artists-united typographic logo inspiration

9. Sticky Art

sticky typographic logo inspiration

10. Snap

snap typographic logo inspiration

11. Shift

shift typographic logo inspiration

12. Time watch

time-watch typographic logo inspiration

13. Upside down productions Logo

upside-down typographic logo inspiration

14. M1llion

million typographic logo inspiration

15. Fuel Fitness Logo Design

fuel-fitness typographic logo inspiration

16. Logotomy version2

logotomy typographic logo inspiration

17. Microgreen

mircrogreen typographic logo inspiration

18. Review Code Typography Logo

review-code typographic logo inspiration

19. Looks of love Line Logo

looks-of-love typographic logo inspiration

20. Brand

brand typographic logo inspiration

21. Height

height typographic logo inspiration

22. Motion Art

motion typographic logo inspiration

23. Crown

crown typographic logo inspiration

24. Precision Networking

precision-networking typographic logo inspiration

25. HALF

half typographic logo inspiration

26. Coffee Cup Line Logo Idea

coffee typographic logo inspiration

27. Twenty-four Seven

twenty-four-seven typographic logo inspiration

28. TalkMore

talk-more typographic logo inspiration

29. Invizio

invizio typographic logo inspiration


highroad typographic logo inspiration

32. EXiT Smart Logo Design

exit typographic logo inspiration

33. Nosey Line Logo

nosey typographic logo inspiration


flat-land typographic logo inspiration

35. Trust

trust typographic logo inspiration

36. Trust v2 Art Logo

trust-v2 typographic logo inspiration

37. ABC

abc-promo typographic logo inspiration

38. Winery Typography Logo Idea

winery typographic logo inspiration

39. Ty wood

ty-wood typographic logo inspiration

40. Kadoo

kadoo typographic logo inspiration

41. Rinke

rinke typographic logo inspiration

42. I look Like You

i-look-like-you typographic logo inspiration

43. Moodboard

mood-board typographic logo inspiration

44. Pepperland

pepperland typographic logo inspiration

45. Jive Software

jive-software typographic logo inspiration

46. Cropd

cropd typographic logo inspiration

47. Beeq

beeq typographic logo inspiration

48. KNIFE Logo Inspiration

knife typographic logo inspiration

49. Forty 7 Studios Clever Logo Idea

forty-7 typographic logo inspiration

50. Love Logo Designs

love-logo-designs typographic logo inspiration

Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team


  1. Being a professional logo designer I appreciate the efforts of the designers who made the above mentioned logos. They all are quite different. WOW Work it is


  2. Really great logo designs. As a logo designer personally, I positively appreciate the time you absorbed.


  3. Possible to get links to the logo creators? Clicking on the logo takes me to zero information. Thanks


    1. Dainis Graveris January 11, 2016 at 03:50

      Hey Judi, most of the logo designs, have links back to original creators. When some dont, it means they have changed location and we haven’t updated it yet.


      1. I am the original designer/creator of the Upside-down identity in 1994. It was on the cover of a major magazine. Nice to see how original these current designers think they are by ripping off others.


  4. Thanks, I love seeing what other clever designers are doing! Inspries me.


  5. Great list… You might wanna add this too:
    Check the last logo.


  6. Mujtaba Jaffari March 31, 2012 at 07:56

    The most creative logo…. you should visit and see..


  7. Wow, there’s so much inspiration here! I’m looking forward to designing my next logo already!


  8. Greatt jobs.
    Very nice logos!


  9. Great typography and great logo designs. It’s difficult to keep a logo simple, yet complex… but the designs are proof that a good designer can achieve it! Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Really lovely and creative logos, well done.


  11. typography plays a big part in making or breaking a design, especially if the design’s main focus is typography.


  12. Logo 37. ABC: This is to close to the last.fm logo.


  13. its great ellite way to expo our potential (India)……
    Amazing job /////


  14. NR. 5 : Twins is the best! Really simple, made by a genius mind. Really great list.


  15. This is really amazing logo inspiration.
    i love it . simple n sweet.
    Thanks boooks marking this site


  16. I think all of these are GREAT concepts, but I like the following best:

    6. Tic Toc Time
    8. Artists United
    19. Looks of love


  17. Simplicity is the best either in daily life or in designing. all the logos are very simple but have a professional look.


  18. A really outstanding collection.


  19. All these are very good and fantastic logos. I liked all of them.


  20. There are many clever semiotics missed here. For example: in the “Seolution” also the “e” and backwards “c” (that is not actually part of the word) reffer to a partnership between man and woman, but not necessarily a woman as bussiness partner (because “c” is not part of the word). It can be your wife simply help at home to make you happy.

    Also the “Jump” logo is very silly.


  21. There are loads of sites with logo inspiration which can provide a large amount of logos for your design work. It’s nice to see a small selection purely for inspiration.


  22. awesome collection. killed is the best of all


  23. While some logos are fantastic, I think a few of them are really horrible. For instance, “haters” is unreadable, it takes a bit to figure out what it says. Logo is one of the first things the people pay attention to and it should take less than a second to figure out what it stands for. rinke is ugly, as you pointed, letter k is not accented, but besides that, I think it can be made a lot prettier with even standard fonts. Most of them are gorgeous though, i like the winery – great font and Y shaped like a wine glass, really unique and elegant…


  24. Your site looks great logo designs . Being a blog writer personally, I truly appreciate the time you absorbed .The graphics are great and the combination of style logo designs and crispness in the sign really works.


  25. Thank you for sharing your logo designs process with us. The logo meets the needs of the client and works great on the logo designs website.


  26. wtf… i love it all… how i wish i become like you in logo making… your awesome man… good works…


  27. Great list of logos. You gave me some great ideas. Thanks


  28. Very Great idea.


  29. Wrong / Right is the best… This Fresh Idea … Like It!


  30. Inspiring logos, especially liked ABC Promos.


  31. Awesome collection!! ..


  32. Respect to the designers who made these logos. Really creative people they are!


  33. Among the logos above, I like at most on Love Logo Design. Very inspired…..


  34. It is awesome! Great research. Thanks for sharing this


  35. These are all so awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


  36. Great logos. But I’ve seen them all before, and all your stupid little comments didn’t help improve the post.


  37. I must say I have never seen sucha impressive work I am new in web designing and for me it was great to find this post few designs are truly creative and some are best for commercial purpose specially that coffee logo. The use of color and the beautiful use of “ff” is simple awesome.


  38. I think the “k” is accented in #41 because if it was bent back it might look confusing next to the k’s upper arm that is already bent


  39. Thanks for the inspiration!


  40. Very inspiring logos, and interesting typography.
    Thanks for sharing.


  41. Really inspiring collection. Keep it up


  42. Very nice collection. Thanks for posting!


  43. For me “Height” is the best and works better in lots of different supports.


  44. very creative and nicely executed logos….thnks for the post…peace


  45. Some of the best typographic logo inspiration I’ve ever seen.
    I love Galeria 291 logo!!


  46. Nice Article, Thanks


  47. Great roundup of these amazing logos! Personally twins, height, and jive are my favorites. Thanks again.


  48. Thank you Dainis!


  49. Nice collection. Thanks.


  50. Great collection as usual. I just love it!


  51. Great list, I’ve seen the Twi2s logo before, and is a favourite of mine ;D


    1. Dainis Graveris September 19, 2009 at 00:08

      one of my faves too definitely!


  52. It still amazes me that the simplest things have the biggest impact. Great use of typography!


  53. I consider the logo one of the most important parts of a website. It can completely change the appearance of a conventional site into something quite exciting; and you don’t have to be a wizard with Illustrator to create an attractive logo either – just play around with some unusual typefaces


  54. Some amazing logo designs here. Imaginative use of typo
    This is a GREAT collection of logo’s for inspiration and Designers…


  55. I’d be interested in looking at this page with someone who is dyslexic. Especially “upside down”. I love talkmore, twins and Flat Land most of all. Thanks for this set!


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