Since the aim of designing a logo is to keep it simple yet maintain quality, letter logo design scores high because of its minimalism and excellence. Letter logos are most effective and they aesthetically satisfy the target audience.

They also hold the potential to reach customers’ minds as selling agents. Here is an amazing logo collection of some of the most beautifully designed typography letter logos for you. Enjoy!

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1. Motor City Chop Shop

The text is elegantly shaped to create the engine, fuel tank, and pipes of a chopper style motorcycle.

Motor City Chop Shop

2. Black Dog Letter Logo Design

Effective use of negative space in this logo design makes it memorable and unique.

Black Dog

3. Perro Line Logo Design Idea

A simply miraculous piece of artistic work that speaks volume about its creator.


4. Five One Design

What makes this logo design memorable is the way the numeric character 5 is used not only to represent the “5” in Five One Design but also to suggest the O of “One”.

Five One Design

5. AQUA Logo Design

The water element is embodied here within the letter “Q” that makes for such a beautiful, visually appealing logo.


6. Muno Cafe Bistro Logo

A simple yet creatively designed text-based logo design that uses letters as design elements.

Muno Cafe Bistro Logo

7. Qiwey Letter Logo Design

The “Q” is extended to form the kiwi like structure.


8. Leadshouse.Fi

Somewhat similar approach to that of the Bison logo. See how the letters form the shape of an animal.


9. Disco Art Logo Design

Classic disco theme is created with the letters that look simply stunning.


11. Antiparticle Logo Inspiration

A simple, yet extremely appealing letter logo design that speaks volumes.


12. Look

The logo appears as two big bulky eyes are looking at you. The creative approach is really mind-blowing.


13. Onwine Logo Inspiration

In this logo design, letters are used to form a wine bottle that looks great and creates a visual connection with the audience.

Onwine Logo

14. Wende

Another brilliant example of simple and effective text-based logo design. See how the designer twists and whirls the letters to create a logo.


15. Is This Seat Taken Line Logo Idea

All the letters in this logo design are placed in a way that they create a visual representation of a seat i.e. chair.

Is This Seat Taken

16. MoneyFest

Again the designer twists and whirls the letters in order to create a visually appealing text-based logo design for MoneyFest.


17. WALK

We use our legs for walking and this is why the designer uses the letter “A” for making a symbolic representation of walking legs.


18. 5 Locks

Here, yet again, a numeric character i.e. “5” is used to simultaneously represent 5 and Locks.

5 Locks

19. Pond

Here the designer creatively makes use of artistic typography to add visual appeal to this logo design.


20. Pencil

Here, the designer uses “I” and “L” to form the shape of pencil while keeping the rest of the letters simple making this logo design look stunning.


21. Chameleon Letter Logo Design

This one is really interesting in terms of how the designer uses typography to visually create the shape of a chameleon.


22. Illusion

Beautifully employed negative space and the simplicity of typography are sure enough to make this logo design a success story.



23. PH Block

Though it looks simple enough, this is a difficult logo design not only with respect to its creation but also for its creative approach.

PH Block

24. Puzzle Smart Logo Idea

Although this logo design may appear like a puzzle, when you look into it you can easily read the letters “P”, “U”, “Z”, “Z”, “L” and “E”.


25. Sofanni

One of the most efficient and memorable type based logo designs in this collection.


26. UP

On the first look, it may appear as an ordinary image but when you look closely you’ll figure out how artistic this logo design is.


27. Ant

The characteristic shape of ant is created by placing three letters in a very interesting manner.


28. Foot

See how amazingly the logo designer created the foot print without using any visual aid.


29. DJ Loop

How efficiently you can embody the loop and DJ in a single emblem? This logo is the answer to this question.

DJ Loop

30. White Crimson Logo Idea

Both the colors are very well represented while portraying the core values of the company this logo design is created for.

White Crimson

31. Eight

All the letters in this logo design are shaped like the number 8. Interesting!


32. Families

True essence of a family is what this text-based simple logo design symbolizes.


33. Wiesinger Music

The initials of Wiesinger Music are used to symbolize a piano – the emblem of music.

Wiesinger Music

34. Minim 1

The weave shaped logo design for Minim 1 appears to be a style system.

Minim 1

35. BIT

Here, the typography is used in a totally different style that fulfills the role of typefaces in a logo design.


26. Marker Design Agency

Here the typefaces are half cut to create a unique look that has a great style.

Marker Design Agency

37. Sounddecor

Bold color and large typefaces against a black background are used in this logo.

sounddecor logo

38. Typies

A colorful and fun logo design that plays with different colors and unusual typography.


39. Bio

Bio means life and this is what the logo stands for.


40. CodeFish

Different symbols are used to create the shape of a fish to make a visual connection with the company’s name.


41. >Flip

The letters are placed in a flipping manner. Nice and interesting logo.


42. Back

The graphical representation of back is represented with this logo design in a quite unusual style.


43. Ed’s Electric

The negative space technique is employed in this logo design along with the typography.

Ed’s Electric

44. Pixxoo

Symbolic representation of the company’s core values solely with the help of typography.


45. Flow

The Flow logo design embodies the nature of flow.


46. Dip

Simply amazing text-based logo design that was created with a minimalist approach.


47. CAT

The logo design used only three letters to cleverly craft the shape of a cat.


48. Spin

Spin the letters to create the Spin logo design.


49. Real Designers

This logo looks somewhat confusing but take a closer look to reveal the beauty of it.

Real Designers

50. Hero

The letter “R” in this logo design is used to embody a human character with a heroic personality.

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