As a web or graphic designer, you should always be on the lookout for an interesting new font to try. Typography is one of the most important elements of a design, and a unique font can really set your creation apart.

Decorative ones in particular can be rare due to the difficulty in making stylized text both beautiful and legible. Less common is these fonts being released for free, even on a personal license.

There’s also the trouble of the few free decorative fonts that are out there appearing in hundreds of thousands of creations, making it harder to create unique branding and excite people with a new, intriguing design.

But when simple serifs and sans serifs aren’t doing the trick, a unique font might be just the thing to liven up your design and give it some personality.

That’s why we’ve collected these nine interesting fonts here for you to try. These are newer or less popular, so your product will stand out more. Diversify your font repertoire with these beautifully designed typefaces!

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Ignite by James Lafuente

Example of Ignite by James Lafuente

Quantum by Greg “Seso” Ortiz

Example of Quantum by Greg "Seso" Ortiz

Blacker by zetafonts

Example of Blacker by zetafonts

Backyard by Mans Greback

Example of Backyard by Mans Greback

Pikolo Block Alt by ideabuk

Example of Pikolo Block Alt by ideabuk

The Rock Brush Font by MLKWSN

Example of The Rock Brush Font by MLKWSN

Shadow Stripes Vintage Typeface by Wahtung

Example of Shadow Stripes Vintage Typeface by Wahtung

Botera Stencil Font by Javi Montoya

Example of Botera Stencil Font by Javi Montoya

Gutenberg Font Family by Unio Creative Solutions

Example of Gutenberg Font Family by

Unique Stylized Fonts

Unique typography is one of the best ways to give a design some personality. With the right font, your work will be memorable and stand out from the crowd. Stylized fonts like these are less common, especially for free, because they’re harder to design. But when a well-made one appears, it’s sure to inspire many amazing creations.

Now it’s time to try some of these free fonts for yourself. Just remember to check the license if you’re using it commercially!

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