It’s Friday, and around here that means it’s time for another edition of “This Week In Web Design”! It also happens to be Valentine’s Day, and we think you’ll LOVE our list of resources for all things related to web design that were published over the past week. (Sorry, just couldn’t resist.) Dive on in and bookmark away!

10 Modern Web Design Trends for 2020

What modern web design trends are on the horizon for 2020 — and how can you use them to freshen up your site?

10 Fantastic Podcasts for UX Designers for 2020

A collection of fantastic podcasts aimed squarely at UX designers that you should definitely add to your “to-listen-to” list.

Avoiding the Feast or Famine Cycle for Freelancing Success

The feast or famine cycle is the burden bearing down on many freelancer’s backs. However, that doesn’t mean freelancing isn’t a wonderful way to make your money.

Launch with a Bang: 17 Tips for Successfully Launching a New Business Website

In this article, we’ll discuss successful website launching, from creating the design to creating the buzz.

Exciting New Tools for Designers, February 2020

This roundup is packed with new tools to help you through projects or learn new tricks to enhance your skillset.

UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #3

The latest collection of interesting and modern UI interaction and animation concepts.

Looking Outside of Web Design for Inspiration

Let’s explore some sources outside of web design that we can mine for inspiration.

Conversational UI Mobile Examples

When done well, conversational UI and chatbots can provide a more intuitive and helpful experience but also take the overall experience of the app to a whole new level.

How to Connect PHP to MySQL

Do you want to learn how to connect php to MySQL and perform different types of database operations? You’ll find it here.

Avoid These 10 UX Design Fails

These ten UX design fails prove that even top companies can sometimes drop the ball.

How to Fetch and Parse RSS Feeds in JavaScript

The goal is to request that RSS feed, parse it, and do something useful with the data in it. RSS is XML, and XML is arguably not as easy to work with as JSON.

How to Book, Plan + Attend a Design Conference Like a Pro

A design conference is a great way to recharge, refresh, and develop new skills to make you better at your job. But planning for attending a conference can be a little bit intimidating.

Codeigniter Tutorial: Learn to Master Codeigniter

New to CodeIgniter? Here is an awesome place to start and get the most out of this powerful framework.

5 Web Design Trends For 2020 That Are Here To Stay With Us

Short term results can be OK, but good long term results are what you want if you are to grow in your profession. In terms of web design, that means subscribing to, and adhering to, design trends that have staying power.

Web Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid in 2020

What are the common mistakes that can actually bring your site down and how to avoid them?

The Hooks of React Router

You will find this article useful if you are looking for a quick primer on the new patterns of React Router.

Working With WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

Get a solid understanding of how the whole WordPress user management and role system works conceptually.

Understanding CSS Grid: Grid Template Areas

Take a look at how to use grid-template-areas to place items.

Thoughts on Building a WordPress Website from Scratch (Without Code)

Using a WordPress page builder plugin and a companion “blank” starter theme.

LearnDash Review: Excellent Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin For WordPress

Take a look at what LearnDash is and what it can do.

Setting Up API Mocking With Mirage JS And Vue.js

This article introduces Mirage JS, an API mocking library that lets you build, test and share a complete working JavaScript application without having to rely on any backend API or services. You’ll also learn how to set up Mirage JS with the progressive front-end framework, Vue.js.

How To Setup Your Local React Playground

How to setup a React playground with almost zero configuration in 3 easy steps (using parcel bundler).

Same HTML, Different CSS

Go through an HTML content that should look at different styles without changing the HTML code.

14 Absolute Best Invoice Software Solutions for Freelancers in 2020

This list includes invoice software that can also help with project management and time tracking as well as some that only focuses on the basics of billing and nothing more.

Web Accessibility Standards: A Primer for UX Designers

Accessible design is an inclusive solution in providing a structural pathway for better navigation and a great user experience for people with or without physical, emotional, and mental limitations.

How to install the MySQL database server and begin adding data

Although you’ll be learning how to add data via the command line, you shouldn’t have much problem with it.

How I recreated a Polaroid camera with CSS gradients only

Earlier I remade the design of an old calculator entirely in CSS. I had a lot of fun making it, so I decided to do the same with a Polaroid camera this time.

Glitch Art Generator

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