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Mobile SEO – Can You Optimize for User Experience and Google at the Same Time?

By on January 12, 2017

Unlike many years ago, you can't just be satisfied to only meet your needs in today's web environment. Instead, you need to please two factors equally: the user and the Google robots ranking you. The question, however, is which one should you...

How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog Post in WordPress

By on November 12, 2016

WordPress is known to be SEO pre-optimized which is why so many use it, but it's not fully SEO-optimized, and so to reach the 100% you have to put in a little extra work.

How to Optimize Your Existing WordPress Blog Posts For SEO

By on August 12, 2016

So, you've written many great posts over the past few years, which still receive a lot of traffic from search engines, but you're always wondering how long it will last.

Joost de Valk, Founder of Yoast, Shares His Success Story

By on April 26, 2016

Joost de Valk is the founder and CEO of Yoast.com. He's one of the top SEO and WordPress experts and is best known for his SEO plugin.

How to Construct an SEO Friendly WordPress Site

By on April 22, 2016

Whether you are a serious WordPress publisher with a specific goal on the Web or just planning to start a blog, this article is for you. This section will be a guide on how you can build your WordPress SEO...

How to Fix the Google Over Optimization Penalty

By on March 12, 2016

Let me start with a quick introduction to the debate on the Over Optimization Penalty for those who live under some sort of information proof bunker and haven't heard a bit about it.

How to Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

By on January 12, 2016

One thing a site owner needs to take into consideration is their bounce rate. This is very important for it tells you on how many visitors are “bouncing” away from your site. A bounce rate determines the success or failure of a...