Are you a fan of silhouette photography? Who isn’t, right?

Wikipedia defines silhouette as:

An image of a person, an object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black.

How To Capture Good Silhouette Photos:

  1. : Subject: Choose a good subject that you want to be blacked out or in silhouette. Make sure the subject that you choose should have a strong and clear outline.
  2. : Background: Make sure the background you choose is brighter than the subject itself. And if possible, no light should fall on your subject or a little light may do.
  3. : Light: Get your light right by putting it at back of your subject. For instance your source of light is the sun, make sure it is behind your chosen subject. Notice on the round ups above, the light source are behind each subject.
  4. : Exposure: Right exposure is equal to good silhouette picture. If you are in doubt with the exposure, adjust the exposure of the camera you are using. Shooting in different angles will also help in getting the right exposure.
  5. : Posing: Keep your photos as simple as possible. Put your subject where it will stand out from the rest of the objects on the background. If you are shooting a person or a group of people, it can help if they will pose in a position that the whole outline of the body will be captured well in details.

Now then, let’s get into our beautiful examples of silhouette photography!

1. Silhouette Camouflage By vjun


2. Silhouette By Zee-Wylde


3. Silhouette of Love By ando-san


4. Sunset Silhouette By asininechani


5. Silhouette By TchaikovskyCF


6. Under the Silhouette By bkm


7. Silhouette By KmFiske13


8. Silhouette of a Horse By attlid


9. Silhouette By AliceFoxxx


10.Silhouette By Damascena


11.Silhouette of Hamburg in sunse By rockmylife


12.Silhouette By JumpyMonky


13.Silhouette By Cogito-Ergo-Doleo


14. Method Silhouette By jahno-pictures


15. Silhouette By Adynamia


16. Silhouette By carolynbkh


17. Silhouette By kalaspuff


18. Silhouette By IndianRain


19. Witch Silhouette By primalx


20. Sunset Silhouette By andrewapuya


21. Silhouette Paddle Surf Boys By La-Vita-a-Bella


22. 1st Silhouette Practice By emman03


23. Silhouette By 7LM


24. The Silhouette of a Tree By sara-satellite


25. Me and My Love Silhouette By rockerbmg666


26. Summer’s Silhouette By TheAcolyte


27. Sunset Silhouette By matinee


28. Photographer Silhouette By iky22


29. Sunset Silhouette By chik1117


30. On A Silhouette Day II By Aurrum


31. Silhouette By iPingu


32. Silhouette By RauchBleich


33. Dancing Silhouette By leelloor


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