With the numerous photo editing software available on the market, you just can’t help but play around with those stock photos. It’s amazing how people can come up with such amazingly creative photo manipulations.

It is a crazy fusion of photography and digital art. You can only imagine what tricks these designers have up their sleeves to come up with such unique and creative ideas.

With this article, we presenting this amazing collection of photo manipulation.

1. Escherism


2.  Desperation

3. Blackleash

4. Last Day of Drought…

5. Perrier: Melt Club

6. My Lil Camera Crew

7. Tipp-Kick-Battle

8. No Vacancy

9. Elixir

10. Seperation

11. Mnemosyne house

12.The Orient Express

13. The Night of Quijote

14. Christophe Huet

15. React

16. *Scarface*

17. Baseball Pear

18. Be Yourself

19. Only OPENS, if you’re open for fantasy

20. Go Your Own Road

21. Slave Angel

22. Choices

23. BIRM: Cup


24. Android Girl – Original V2

25. Bobby Car Challenge

26. H2O

27. Photo Retouch

28. Private Piece of Hope

29. Sarolta Bán

30. Sight

31. Witches

32. Tradeswoman

33. Cherry

34. Meditation #6

35. Ariel

36. Dragon Fire

37. As White as Snow

38. Neptuno

39. Michael Benk

40. Reflections

41. Fire Starter

42. Radoslav Penchev


43. Madeleine and the Moon

44. Madin Spain 2008

45. Never Mind

46. Parisude 2

47. Go With the Flow

48. Lost Roots

49.Only Sand Remains

50. Sarolta Ban

51. Bogman

52. Arctic Fade

Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team

  • Sandipan

    Awesome pics specially be yourself


    I am very excited.


    Realy ! why do men think?

  • Magnal

    Stunning Photographs! Each one of the pic here attracts and produces a realistic impression on mind, great works put together.

  • Grim Cris

    What is the key to success in Photo Manipulation? Inspiration! I think you don’t need talent to do this. Am I wrong?

  • Max

    # 37 is an actual photo. Albinism happens in peacocks too.

  • hadi

    hi dears
    pics were fantastic. Im searching good pics for showing delicious honey and sweet drinks do u have any?

  • John

    These are really great inspirational photographs. Nicely done.

  • Sawsan

    amazing wow

  • David Stern

    Hi! I loved your pics! Can I take some of them, put them on my blog, and link to yours?