After months of development, New ActiveCollab, a pioneer of project management software with over a decade of experience, is finally here – the perfect start to 2019.

ActiveCollab is a project management software that serves as a central hub for team communication, collaboration, and project planning. It enables complete management of projects by breaking them down into more actionable tasks. When tasks are assigned to team members and a date with automatic reminders is set, it ensures that missed deadlines will be a thing of the past – since everyone knows exactly what they are working on and when it needs to be done. The option to track time is invaluable in dealing with clients – they will be able to see precisely how much time was spent working on their projects, and those tracked time reports can be used to issue custom invoices.

Their mission – to eliminate busywork and to help make Real Work happen.

New ActiveCollab is a product that immeasurable love and care have been poured into, with every change, tweak, upgrade, new feature and addition being the result of careful planning and communication with customers.

ActiveCollab Logo

It is the collaborative success of dozens of people – developers, designers, marketers, customer care, etc. – each contributing their unique perspectives and special skills. Because of this, we can safely say that New ActiveCollab is not just the best-looking, most powerful version yet, but also – the most personal.

Apart from the fresh, sleek, redesigned look, there are many other substantial improvements and changes all across the board. Here is a list of the most significant ones:

A Brand New Look & Feel

In new ActiveCollab, dozens of refinements that fix and improve the design were added – making the software much smoother and more enjoyable to use. There are also several new themes to choose from.

ActiveCollab Themes

This is much more than just a simple visual redesign – it is an evolution of ActiveCollab. A sleek, fluid tool that’s wonderful to behold and a joy to use.

Task Dependencies With Automatic Rescheduling

The biggest and most important – as well as most requested – New ActiveCollab feature. Using Task Dependencies, child tasks that are dependent on parent tasks can be set. This allows for greater control over tasks – in which order and when they will be completed, and it opens up a range of advanced management options in every step of the work process.

Task Dependencies Demonstration

This addition will eliminate confusion over the exact turn in which tasks have to be finished, since they will no longer be done out of sequence. Everyone has had work experiences when the projects worked on would slow down because people couldn’t work on their own tasks until another segment was done. Automatic rescheduling means that when a parent task is moved around, their child tasks will automatically adjust their dates as well, and they also take weekends and days off into account.

Since Your Last Visit

All the projects and tasks we are involved in continue to make progress even in our absence. Which means that a lot of time catching up on everything that happened is required. This feature highlights all the comments that were made since the last time the software was visited.

Wasting time sorting new information from the old will no longer be an issue, and Project Managers will be able to devote their time to other more pressing concerns, instead of helping everyone catch up to speed.


Communication is vital to collaboration, and a single thumbs up is often all you really need to do to get the conversation moving. We took a cue from to-the-point communication of social media, where you can express so much with an emoticon. So now, one of seven reactions can be used instead of typing out an entire lengthy reply. They are: thumbs up, thumbs down, smiley face, clapping hands, heart, party popper, and thinking face.

ActiveCollab Reactions

Live Comments

New ActiveCollab is now entirely in real time. Often, more than one user would comment a task at the same time, and they would have to refresh the page to see those other comments.

ActiveCollab Live Comments Demonstration

But now, all the comments – and the user(s) writing them – are visible in real time, meaning that confusion and the busywork of manually refreshing a page to see those new comments are a thing of the past.

Improved Attachment Navigation

A small change, but one that saves a lot of time, especially for designers, or those that have to deal with a lot of attachments. Before, the attachments would have to be navigated individually, one by one – by leaving and reentering the navigation window every time.

Attachment in ActiveCollab

Now, all the attachments can be comfortably scrolled through with the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking the left and right icon buttons. The attachments are sorted according to the time they were added, so the newest file will be shown first.

Experience Real Work With New ActiveCollab

Regardless if you’re a project management pro, or are completely new to it, New ActiveCollab is the way to go. With so many new and exciting additions, ActiveCollab is now more powerful and versatile than ever before, and is so much more than just another Project Management Tool – it’s the proper way to do your Real Work.

Try out New ActiveCollab for a completely free 14-day trial to make Real Work happen.

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