Whether you want to build your business or your personal brand online, your website is one of the most critical elements for your success. That is why it is very important that your website will be able to reflect the personality you want to convey to your visitors.

When it comes to websites, WordPress themes have been one of the primary choices because you literally have hundreds of options  whether it is free or premium. Although free WordPress themes are good, premium themes have an edge in terms of features, support, and development. And among these premium theme developers, MyThemeShop is in the forefront in offering premium WordPress themes with outstanding designs and features.

There might be other WordPress theme developers in the market who deliver outstanding themes as well. So what makes MyThemeShop any different? For starters, it has 98 themes and 19 plugins making it a marketplace of its own. But the real whopper is that MyThemeShop has more than 300K of satisfied users.

Are you an agency or an organization? Are you planning to set up an online store? Are you a blogger? Are you an online publication? Whatever the purpose of your website is, MyThemeShop has a variety of themes in four major categories – Magazine, Blog, Business, and WooCommerce themes.

Aside from this plethora of WordPress themes and plugins, there are other reasons why MyThemeShop is your go-to place when it comes to Premium WordPress themes & plugins.

All Themes are Fully Responsive

Responsivesness is important these days as people are using different kinds of devices and platforms. But what does it mean to have a fully responsive site? This simply means that your site and all its features will work perfectly across all devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. Therefore, it is very important that your website and its content display correctly across devices, platforms, and browsers.

All themes on MyThemeShop are 100% responsive so you don’t have to worry wherever your visitors view them. Rest assured, all themes will provide a great user experience to whoever will visit your website.

Video Tutorials

It is very helpful if  a theme has full documentation. But it is even more helpful if there is a video walkthrough, especially during set up. MyThemeShop has provided step-by-step video tutorials that will help you not only during the setup, but also through different phases of your website development whether it be changing your website layout or setting up your featured images. With these tutorials, you will never feel lost or alone in every step of the way.

MyThemeShop videos are not just tutorials but a source to know more about WordPress

MyThemeShop videos are not just tutorials but a source to know more about WordPress

What’s great about this videos is that they are like mini-lessons where you can learn more about WordPress and each of the themes.

24/7 Customer Support

What’s a featured-packed theme with extensive documentation if there’s no customer support? Fortunately, MyThemeShop has a team of dedicated customer support who are ready, willing, and able to answer your concerns and questions should you encounter any problems along the way. But what makes the customer support standout is that it has been localized to ensure that wherever your location is, there is a support team that you can reach who speak your language and within your time zone.

Powerful Options Panel

Setting up your website becomes even much easier with the powerful options panel in each theme. You don’t need to go through various code changes and configuration when you customize your website.

Setting up a website has never been easier

Setting up a website has never been easier

Through this feature, you will be able to copy the demo theme and incorporate it to your website.

No Need to Learn Code

One of the greatest challenges in web design is learning how to code. Codes are already a source of headaches to the well-versed web developer, how much more if you are a newbie? To address this issue, MyThemeShop has included shortcodes in all their themes so that even a beginner can start building their website even with little or no coding knowledge.

These shortcodes will help you create and customize different elements, such as CTA buttons and contact forms, without a sweat.

Unlimited Color and Background Options

Everybody loves unlimited options. All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options. Whether you want to have a more interesting background or use a color palette that matches your brand and personality, you have the freedom to do so with just a few clicks.

All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options.

All MyThemeShop themes have unlimited color and background options.

All themes allow you to use the options panel so you can customize the colors and create your own unique color combination. As for the background, there is an extensive stock of images you can use as a background, or you can upload your own image.

More than 600 Google Fonts

Typography is another important element of your website. The typeface you use can also contribute to the success and failure of your brand.


Typography can contribute to the success or failure of your website

With more than 600 Google fonts in each theme, you have an extensive choice whether you want a serif, sans serif, or even a decorative font. Browse the font library until you find the perfect match that will reflect your company’s brand.

Lightweight Social Sharing Option

Marketing and promotion features in various social media platforms is another must have for any business. MyThemeShop has lightweight social sharing plugins which allow you to easily share your content, products, and services to your favorite social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more.

Lightning Fast Themes and Plugins

How important is page speed? Very important! In fact, it is very critical to the success of your website. According to the Official Google Webmaster blog, the speed of how your website loads results in happy customers and better user experience. Most of all, it saves you money because it cuts your operating costs.

MyThemeShop understands the importance of page speed that’s why it has designed all its themes and plugins with clean and compressed codes to ensure fast loading.

In fact, its fastest theme, Schema, has beat the Genesis framework not only in terms of speed but also in nearly every aspect. Another theme, Magazine, has garnered a 95% score out of 100 in the PageSpeed test.

Wait.. there’s more!

Clean and Clear Code

The codes are not only well-commented, but they are also clean to ensure faster loading. To ensure that your website runs at maximum speed, the codes are even compressed. A faster loading website is very important because just a minute of delay will make your visitors abandon your site immediately, making you lose revenue.

Furthermore, the codes are also clean and readable so it’s easy to edit and customize by your developers and webmasters. A clean code ensures the speed and dynamism of your website to whatever changes will be made that will make your business competitive in the global market.

SEO Friendly

Another advantage of having a clean code is that it increases your search engine visibility. Aside from that, a clean code means that there are no barriers that will hinder the search engine crawlability of your site. Even the design of each theme has put the latest search en gine guidelines in mind to further boost search engine rankings.

Easy to Set Up

Aside from the options panel, all themes have a one-click installation feature which allows you to load any pre-built layout and design. All you have to do is customize the content and you have in you a beautifully and well-designed website.

Top 5 Most Popular MyThemeShop Themes

1. SociallyViral ($69)

As the name suggests, SociallyViral is designed to increase your social shares and make your content viral. This is made possible through features, such as full social integration, subscription box, and 4 different types of loading effects. It is also AdSense optimized which enables you to see higher CPCs and RFMs.

Great theme optimized for social media focus.

2. Schema ($69)

Schema is one of the fastest loading and SEO premium themes from MyThemeShop. It has the best features of the various themes combined including the custom options panel and its pixel perfect design. It also has rich snippets making it a very SEO-friendly theme. Other standout features include voting functionality, ad management, and built-in review system. So if you’re looking for a theme that guarantees high page ranking and ad earnings, Schema is the theme for you.

Schema has the best of all worlds

3. PointPro ($69)

Stunning look and awesome performance – that’s what PointPro is all about with its stunning layout and responsive design. The theme features a number of headings and sections so you have a wide range of options to choose from. One of its outstanding features is the “Projects Page” which showcases your best works. Other features include unlimited colors and backgrounds, custom sidebars, and an off-canvas mobile menu.

PointPro showcases your best works

4. Video ($69)

According to Cisco, 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017 will be generated by video. And to help you utilize the power of video, social media, and content combined, the Video theme is a perfect choice. As the theme suggests, it is optimized for video with different homepage layouts and post layouts. The theme has low bounce rates to ensure that your visitors stay long enough to convince them with your content.

Videos account for most of the traffic online

Videos account for most of the traffic online

5. OnePage Theme ($69)

OnePage is a business and portfolio theme known for its Drag and Drop homepage layout as well as its clean handwritten code. Some of its notable features include a dynamic menu which follows the user making it easier to navigate through pages, font icon integration and arrow key functionality to the slider.

The Drag and Drop feature of OnePage make everything as easy as 1-2-3!


The only downside (if you can call it that) to MyThemeShop is the extensive options for outstanding themes and plugins leaving you confused which work or not. However, this should not deter you knowing that all of them deliver what they promise to do giving you value for your money.

You cannot deny the fact as well that popular companies, like ShoeMoney have been using one of its themes. In fact, MyThemeShop boasts of more than 300K satisfied users. What more both of its plugins and themes are fully loaded and functions in utmost quality.   The codes are all well-written and  secure so that it is easier for you to check and modify the codes.

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