Web design and development projects can become complicated in a hurry. This is especially true when working as part of a team. As things change, it’s crucial to keep everyone on the same page. A transparent communication process is what you need to make it all come together.

That’s what makes monday.com a platform that teams can’t survive without. It’s a team management tool that is suitable for anyone, ranging from a pair of freelancers all the way to massive groups needing to collaborate across the globe. With the help of their intuitive interface, you’ll get more done in less time.

Let’s take a deeper look at how you can leverage monday.com to put your team on the right track.

monday.com in action

Team Management Without the Fuss

The most powerful tools are often the simplest. monday.com understands this and has created an interface that empowers users while still being incredibly easy to use. In fact, you might even say that team members will actually want to use this colorful and beautiful tool as it’s both simple and productive.

A Single Board to Manage All the Things

The board is where the magic of team collaboration begins. From here, you can see everything that’s going on. Use it to create tasks and assign them to specific team members, see their status and plan ahead. You’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Communication Made Simple

By adding rows or “pulses” to your board, you’ll be able to communicate with teammates in a centralized location. You can mention specific members or address the entire team, share files or leave an encouraging comment. Plus, you can invite clients in as guests so that they can view progress and offer feedback. By having everything you need in one place, you’ll keep everyone in the know and avoid pointless meetings.

Stay Connected

Need to stay on top of the latest project developments? Be notified of status updates through your desktop or via monday.com’s mobile apps, available for iOS and Android. This enables you to check in anywhere, anytime.

Simple, Not Simplistic

The best part about using monday.com is that everything just works – there’s no training necessary. But it’s also incredibly flexible. The platform can be customized to help you manage virtually any type of workflow and scales to fit your specific needs.

monday.com on a laptop and smartphone

Bringing People Together

With over 35,000 customers, monday.com helps to encourage collaboration for teams around the world. Everyone from small startups to Fortune 500 companies use the platform to help break down the traditional barriers to better communication.

By connecting people to processes, each team member knows their role. In practical terms, that means you won’t have two designers accidentally working on the same graphic or a group of developers continually overwriting each other’s code. When everyone does their part, projects move more quickly and smoothly than ever before.

Still, you may be wondering exactly how a team management tool can make everything work better. “It all sounds like rainbows and unicorns”, you say. Sure, it’s idealistic – but it’s also quite realistic. If you’re curious, watch the video below and see how monday.com changes the way you work in just five steps.

Maybe now you’re convinced that Monday.com is indeed amazing, but you’re not sure exactly how it fits in with your design business. Luckily, they’ve already thought of that and have prepared a little something to show you exactly how you can benefit from using it.

Start Celebrating Your Success for Free

Improving communication will make your business better. And monday.com facilitates it all in a way that is easy-to-use and scales to match your growth. You’ll no longer have a need for giant spreadsheets, chained emails, whiteboards or Friday afternoon get-me-out-of-here meetings. Instead, you’ll have everything you need to find success right there with you, wherever you happen to be.

Sign up for a free account with monday.com and start reaping the benefits of better teamwork.

Colleagues using monday.com

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