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Creative Custom Cursors

18 Creative Custom Cursors

A cursor/pointer is a position indicator that helps the user enter text, numbers, or symbols. The default cursor is a symbol that is easily recognized by tons of people around…
This Week In Web Design - October 8, 2021

This Week In Web Design – October 8, 2021

In this week's roundup of the past week's web design and development related articles, we have a variety of topics that include animation, JavaScript tips and tricks, CSS shadows, UX inspiration, spooky fonts for Halloween, and much more.
CSS basics padding

Intro to HTML and CSS

In this intro to HTML and CSS, we provide a basic overview of the web development landscape and common terminology used in HTML and CSS.
Screenshot from the Codepen containing the full HTML and CSS example

How to Add a CSS Gradient Overlay to a Background Image

This article was originally posted at and was kindly shared by Christina Truong. Check out more of her work at Using images on a web page helps to…