Does your team require a robust grid that can handle millions of records? When it comes to incredibly fast data processing, Sencha Ext JS is the solution! With its ability to load and manipulate large data sets within milliseconds, Sencha can handle your most data-intensive inputs without any problems. 

Don’t believe us? According to our research, 60% of Fortune 100 Companies trust Sencha with their data! And, the reason why is clear – Sencha Ext JS offers the most secure and feature-rich JavaScript grid library on the market. 


5 Key Features of Sencha

  • Users have full customization control. 
  • Sencha’s high-performing grid can handle massive amounts of data. 
  • Built to handle data, Sencha Ext JS offers an advanced feature set that includes filtering, grouping, infinite scrolling, pagination, live data streaming, and more!
  • Users can export data to CSV, TSV, HTML, XLS, and PDF file formats.
  • Sencha Ext JS has been pre-tested across a wide range of browsers and platforms (for web, mobile, and desktop).

Sencha Top Grid features


Sencha Ext JS offers potential users the opportunity to demo top grid features such as row and column operations, data import/export, and widget integration, directly on their website. If users like what they see, they can sign up for a 30-day trial, free of charge. 

For those ready to commit to Sencha as the go-to grid library, there are perpetual license and annual subscription options – both broken down into the community, enterprise, and professional editions.

The pricing starts with a free tier for the community edition, which has significantly fewer features but offers a way to get started with building data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. The enterprise and professional editions vary in price, both exceeding $1,200 per developer and offering 140+ components – which include Ext JS Framework, Open Tooling, Architect, Themer, IDE Plugins, and many more!


Your data is important. Sencha Ext JS can help you manage your large data sets with full control. And its grid library can even handle data requests from local or remote data sources through Ajax, JSON, RESTful methods; making it perfect for individual developers and teams alike. 


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