All of these icons are free to use in both your commercial and personal projects, however, make sure to check the license beforehand.

Icons are very important in websites as they are used to make them look complete. These can be seen on every website. Their purpose is to guide the users and provide useful information to them. That said, designers are well aware of their meaning in web related projects and always looking for good icons to use in their websites.

If you are a creative designer, you can create custom icons for yourself. However, using icon sets that are pre-designed by expert designers is always a good option. A lot of talented graphic designers share their icon sets with other designers so that everyone can utilize them.

Thousands of Icons For Your Designs Starting at ONLY $16.50 per Month
Vector Icons

Vector Icons
11,100+ Vector

Layered Icons

Layered Icons
7,900+ Layered

Tileable Icons

Tileable Icons
1,100+ Tileable

Envato Elements

1. Roundicons


2. Flat Icon Set

Flat Icon Set

3. Meroo


4. Outlined Weather Icons

Outlined Weather Icons

5. The Bitcoin

The Bitcoin

6. Stripes & Co

Stripes & Co

7. Line-Style Icons

Line-Style Icons

8. Rounded Flat Social Media Icons

Rounded Flat Social Media Icons

9. Free Flat Long Shadow Media Icons

Free Flat Long Shadow Media Icons

10. Nasty Icons

Nasty Icons

11. Freecons


12. 5 O’clock Shades Icons

5 Oclock Shades Icons

13. 25 Free Icons

25 Free Icons

14. 24 Vector Social Icons

24 Vector Social Icons

15. Embossed Free Social Media Icons

Embossed Free Social Media Icons

16. 168 Free Vector Stroke Icons

168 Free Vector Stroke Icons

17. Free Vector Flat Icons


18. Free Hard One Icon Set

Free Hard One Icon Set

19. Hangloose


20. Weather Icons

Weather Icons

21. Free social icons set

Free social icons set

22. Flat Icons Set

Flat Icons Set

23. Thinicons


24. Free Social Media Icons

Free Social Media Icons

25. Free Designer Icons

Free Designer Icons

26. Free Android Icons

Free Android Icons

27. Space Icons

Space Icons

28. Cryst4l UI

Cryst4l UI

29. Icons for the Weather Situations

Icons for the Weather Situations

30. Freebies stroke icons

Freebies stroke icons

31. Browser Icons

Browser Icons

32. PSD Social Icons

PSD Social Icons

33. Icons by Abhimanyu Rana

Icons by Abhimanyu Rana

34. Real Estate Icons

Real Estate Icons

35. 50 FREE Icons

50 FREE Icons

36. Icons by Catalin Fertu

Icons by Catalin Fertu

Icons are a great way to add smooth navigation and beauty to the website. All these icon sets that we featured are of high quality and can be downloaded freely. You can use them in your websites, blogs, etc.

We hope you find this post useful for yourself or anyone else. You can also share other icon sets or tell us about your favourite one by commenting below.

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