Web design is an amazingly versatile way to convey information. While many websites are standardized and follow a specific template, others break the mold and offering something a bit different. No matter what design choices are made, the message you want your site to get across still needs to come through. Looking at excellent examples of web design can serve as a source of inspiration before pursuing your next project. Here, we’ve put together a solid collection of web design showcases, each of which features hundreds of examples of web designs that innovate, educate, and inspire.

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Awwwards – Website Awards – Best Web Design Trends

Awwwards - web design showcases

Awwwards is a web design award website that features some of the most innovative and creative designs from all over the web. The sites featured are always changing, so it’s a great place to bookmark and revisit.

CSS Design Awards

CSS Design Awards - web design showcases

This site is another web design award website. It’s primary focus is showcasing how CSS can be utilized more creatively. It’s a well-spring of inspiration.

Site Inspire

Site Inspire - web design showcases

Here’s another site that features interesting web designs that you could draw inspiration from.

One Page Love

One Page Love - web design showcases

As its name would suggest, One Page Love shines a light on one-page websites and the innovative designs that can be created within this format.



Designmodo is a popular site that features information about all aspects of web design. However, they do have many dedicated articles for web design showcases and inspiration. Checking them out will give you plenty of ideas.



Dribbble is a site where designers can showcase their work and get hired for their work. However, you can use it for strictly browsing as well. Checking out the showcase of the latest designs uploaded is sure to inspire.

CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar - web design

Here’s another collection of web designs that emphasize the different ways CSS can be used in your work.

Web Design Showcases

Web Design Showcases

Now this site is simply a collection of web design showcases. Each highlights a different design style or design element.

Web Design Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration

As its name suggests, this site is all about the web design inspiration. Feature after feature of stunning designs are certain to leave you with a new perspective about how to approach your work.

 ZURB Foundation Showcase

ZURB Foundation Showcase

The Zurb Foundation showcase includes over 250 websites that are built on the Foundation framework. If Foundation is your jam, this collection will leave you flush with ideas.

Get Inspired

If you’re looking for web design inspiration, take some time out of your day to browse the web design showcases featured here. If something catches your eye, see how you can incorporate it into your work. Be sure to have a look at our own web design inspiration articles for even more finds!

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