Wallpapers are always a source of inspiration. Everyone likes good wallpaper, whether it is on the desktop screen or on the website. The simpler they are, the more beautiful they look.

Web designers are always searching for some inspiration that help them to expand their vision and go beyond possibilities. That is why most of the designers have a large collection of wallpapers with them. Web designers, I would say, give more attention to wallpapers than anyone else because they use them for computer wallpapers as well as in their websites.

Changing wallpapers can give you several advantages:

  • A fresh feeling while working
  • They can be inspiring and motivating.
  • Always encourage you to think beyond your imagination

Beautifully balanced colors with simple yet efficient design is what every designer looks in a wallpaper. These wallpapers are fine pieces of art in themselves. Browse to you interest.

Table of Contents:

  1. 100 High Quality Desktop Wallpapers
  2. 30+ Awesome Wallpapers and Posters About Design
  3. Valentine’s Day Wallpapers
  4. Beautiful Christmas Vision Tutorial And Wallpaper
  5. Creative Market Wallpapers and Other Goodies

100 High Quality Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpapers that have quality of detail are always attractive to the visitors. With thousands of wallpapers available, it becomes really hard to find out the one that matches your creativity. But don’t worry because we have done the hard work for you.

Below are 100 awesome wallpapers for web designers related to art, design, technology and many more. You will find some of them to be simple and creative while others to be full of detail. So let’s go and dig in these beautiful wallpapers for web designers.

Wallpapers For Designers 1

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 2

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Wallpapers For Designers 3

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Wallpapers For Designers 4

Resolution: 6576 x 4192

Wallpapers For Designers 5

Resolution: 2560 x 1600

Wallpapers For Designers 6

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Wallpapers For Designers 7

Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Wallpapers For Designers 8

Resolution: 1680 x 1050

Wallpapers For Designers 9

Resolution: 2560×1600  |  2560×1440  |  1920×1200  |  1600×1200  |  1680×1050  |  1440×900  |  1280×1024  |  1280×960  |  1280×800  |  1024×768  |  320×480

Wallpapers For Designers 10

Resolution: 800 x 450

Wallpapers For Designers 11

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  2560×1440  |  1920×1200  |  1600×1200  |  1680×1050  |  1440×900  |  1280×1024  |  1280×960  |  1280×800  |  1024×768

Wallpapers For Designers 12

Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Wallpapers For Designers 13

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 14

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 15

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Wallpapers For Designers 16

Resolution: 1480 x 900

Wallpapers For Designers 17

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 18

Resolution: 2560 x 1600

Wallpapers For Designers 19

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 20

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 21

Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Wallpapers For Designers 22

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 23

Resolution: 1024 x 786

Wallpapers For Designers 24

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 25

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 26

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 27

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 28

Resolution: 1960 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 29

Resolution: 1024 x 768

Wallpapers For Designers 30

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Wallpapers For Designers 31

Resolution: 8192 x 4320

Wallpapers For Designers 32

Resolution: 1600 x 900

Wallpapers For Designers 33

Resolution: 3259 x 1833

Wallpapers For Designers 34

Resolution: 1024 x 768

Wallpapers For Designers 35

Resolution: 2560 x 1440

Wallpapers For Designers 36

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Wallpapers For Designers 37

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 38

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 39

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 40

Resolution: 1600 x 1200

Wallpapers For Designers 41

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 42

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 43

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 44

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 45

Resolution: 2880 x 1800

Wallpapers For Designers 46

Resolution:  1680×1050  |  1920×1080  |  1920×1200  | 2560×1440

Devices: iPad 1 & 2  |  iPad “3”  |  iPhone Retina  |  Android

Wallpapers For Designers 47

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  2560×1440  |  1920×1200  |  1920×1080

Devices:  Android    |  iPod  |  iPhone

Wallpapers For Designers 48

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  2560×1440

Wallpapers For Designers 49

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  2560×1600

Wallpapers For Designers 50

Resolution:  3200×2000  |  2560×1600

Devices: iPad Retina  |  iPhone Retina  |  iPhone 5

Wallpapers For Designers 51

Resolution:  3200×2000  |  2560×1600

Wallpapers For Designers 52

Resolution:  1280×1024  |  Dual Monitors (3360×1050)  |  Android (2160×1920)  |  HD+ (1600×900)  |  FHD (1920×1080)  |  WUXGA (1920×1200)  |  iMac 27″ (2560×1440)  |  Macbook Retina 13″ (2560×1600)  |  Macbook Retina 15″ (2880×1800)  |  Blue QHD+ (3200×1800)

Wallpapers For Designers 53

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  2560×1600  |  Retina 2880×1800

Wallpapers For Designers 54

Resolution:  {16×10} 3 x 2560×1600  |  {16×9} 3 x 2560×1440  |  2 x iPad 1024×1024  |  2 x The New iPad 2048×1536  |  2 x iPhone 4 640×960

Wallpapers For Designers 55

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  2560×1440  |  2048×1536  |  1080×1920  |  640×1135

Wallpapers For Designers 56

Resolution:  1920×1080 (16:9)  |  1920×1200 (16:10)

Wallpapers For Designers 57

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 58

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  2880×1800  |  Galaxy S3 720×1280  |  iPhone 4 + iPod 4 640×960  |  iPhone 5 + iPod 5 640×1136  |  iPad Mini 1024×1024  |  iPad Retina 2048×2048

Wallpapers For Designers 59

Resolution:  2880×1800  |  2560×1440  |  2560×2048  |  2048×1536  |  2400×1600  |  2048×2048

Wallpapers For Designers 60

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  1920×1080  |  1600×900  |  1280×720

Device: iPhone 5

Wallpapers For Designers 61

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  1920×1200  |  1680×1050  |  1440×900  |  1280×800  |  1980×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 62

Resolution: 8 screen sizes

Wallpapers For Designers 63

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  2560×1600

Wallpapers For Designers 64

Resolution: Pure 16:9 upto 1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 65

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  1920×1200  |  1920×1080

Devices: iPad Size  |  iPhone5  |  Samsung Galaxy S3

Wallpapers For Designers 66

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 67

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 68

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 69

Resolution:  2500×1600  |  2048×1280  |  1920×1200  |  136×786

Wallpapers For Designers 70

Resolution: 31 Resolutions for desktop and mobile devices

Wallpapers For Designers 71

Resolution: Several Resolutions for desktop and other devices

Wallpapers For Designers 72

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 73

Resolution:  2560 x 1440  |  2560 x 1600

Device: iPod Gen5  |  iPhone 5  |  iPad HD Retina  |  Samsung Galaxy S3  |  Samsung Galaxy S4

Wallpapers For Designers 74

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  1920×1080-1200

Device:  iPad  |  iPhone  |  Android 960×800

Wallpapers For Designers 75

Resolution:  2560×1440  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 76

Resolution: Different resolutions for Desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Wallpapers For Designers 77

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050

Wallpapers For Designers 78

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 79

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 80

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 81

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 82

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 83

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 84

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050

Wallpapers For Designers 85

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050

Wallpapers For Designers 86

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 87

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 88

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 89

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 90

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 91

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 92

Resolution:  Standard 4:3  |  Standard 5:4  |  Wide 16:10  |  Wide 5:3  |  HD 16:9

Devices:  iPhone  |  iPad  |  Android

Wallpapers For Designers 93

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 94

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080|  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 95

Resolution:  1920×1080  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050

Wallpapers For Designers 96

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768   |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 97

Resolution:  1280×720  |  FHD (1920×1080)  |  WUXGA (1920×1200)  |  Macbook PRO Retina 13″ (2560×1600)    |  Macbook PRO Rerina 15″ (2880×1800

Wallpapers For Designers 98

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

Wallpapers For Designers 99

Resolution:  1920×1200  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050   |  1920×1080

Wallpapers For Designers 100

Resolution:  2560×1600  |  1280×800  |  1366×768  |  1680×1050  |  1920×1080  |  1920×1200

30+ Awesome Wallpapers and Posters About Design

Sometimes even artists need a little nudge sometimes. Maybe you need a little inspiration when you have artist’s block. Or a little motivation when you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever the case, we bring you some awesome wallpapers and posters about design. Enjoy!

This is not Love by Francicso Sottolichio

I love the use of colors, font, and most of all the underlying message. Design is, first and foremost, a labor of love.

Periodic Table of Typefonts by Cam Wilde

Obviously inspired by the Periodic Table of Elements during our good old high school chemistry days. Cam Wilde made his own Periodic table of typefaces, with the most popular fonts from different type families: sans serif, serif, blackletter, script, etc.

Creative Truths by Shirley-Ann Dick

Well said, wise words about art from the great men in art.

Graphic Design is Making a Point by Dan Mall

Dan Mall’s entry for the What is Graphic Design Poster Competition. Beautiful, simple and straight to the point.

Design is thinking made visual by Saul Bass

Design is essentially thinking made visual, according to Saul Bass. Saul Bass is a genius in graphic design, having created the immortal logos and designs for various companies such as Kleenex, Quaker Oats and YWCA. He has also made several movie posters and even his own science fiction film, Phase IV.

Some People Refuse to be Default by Ahmed Galal

De-Sign by Juanma Teixido

A humorous and literal approach on the question: What is Design? Teixido’s answer: To remove a sign from its original location and then blame it on the client.

I am. by Change the Thought

Interesting Infographics on Design by Shane Snow

Hilarious take on infographics for graphic designers–what’s not to love?

Graphic Design is me by Ukocu

Graphic Design is Eye Music by Pintovsky

Catchy visual play with the use of ‘i’s and ‘eye’. The minimalist design achieved quite beautifully.

I don’t know what Graphic Design is but sometimes it involves… by Todd Roeth

There is always an undeniable importance of Lorem Ipsum in graphic and web design.

Good Typography is Invisible/Bad Typography is everywhere by Words are Pictures

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper 

Wallpapers are not only pretty; they can be useful too. Like this wallpaper, it can serve as a cheat sheet for all Adobe Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts. Pretty awesome; and its interface is clean and beautiful too.

HELVETICA! by 2canart

This poster proclaims the love for Helvetica, in the classic CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colors

There’s More to Life than Helvetica by Shirley-Ann Dick

A t-shirt design by Shirley-Ann Dick. This tee is perfect for fellow designers who are sick of other designers for the overuse of Helvetica.

Nothing can Stop a Good Idea by Mauro Hernandez

This poster brings us good vibes, with a great message: that nothing (or no one) can stop a good idea.

Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood

Graphic Design Wallpaper by Jackispiboi

Graphic Design is also made up of many different elements: land, air, water, fire, etc., or so this wallpaper says.

Dirt Poster by Rolando Tiangco

This is a genius interactive poster designed by Roland Tianco–yes, it’s physically interactive, and you get your hands dirty with ink and dirt! As you handle the poster and open it from the envelope, you can’t help but get your hands dirty. That’s what makes it more fun! Smear the paper with the ink and dirt and you get the real message of the poster: ‘The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty’. Genius!

Adobe Designer Series by K. Brock

A real graphic designer can identify all these Adobe icons by heart.

Design is by Kasra Kyanzadeh

A wallpaper meant to humor, not to offend.

Graphic Design is… by Sursly

Graphic design is about surprising, about thinking outside the box.

Design is Everywhere by DeaPeaJay

We not Me by Change the Thought

Because in some cases, design may require team effort. No ‘artist’ is an island.

Design is using your right brain right by macmaniacttt

ISO Series Posters
by Change the Thought

Poster series by Change the Thought, based on the ISO or International Paper Size Standard.

Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Let us quickly go through the best Valentine’s Day wallpapers that will set your mood this Valentine season:

Minimalistic Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

I Love You More Than My Laptop

Special Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Love This Valentine’s Wallpaper

Heart Puzzle Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

All You Need Is Love


Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Another Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Saint Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

Now let’s finish in a great way, with some awesome tutorial.

Beautiful Christmas Vision Tutorial And Wallpaper

In this tutorial we will learn how to use pen tool, use paths, smudge tool and yes – how to create 3D effect in Photoshop in joyful way! Let’s get started

This is what we are going to create this time, finished result:


Click on the wallpaper to view and download it full sized.

Step 1

Create a new document, I wanted this to use later as wallpaper, so I used 1920×1200 resolution, 72 dpi.

Activate radial gradient (G), use colors #3d51f7 and #1525a0 and fill background with it like in the picture below.



Step 2

Now let’s create some hills and falls.

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+N to create a new layer and press P to activate Your Pen tool. Do selection like picture below creating smooth lines and don’t forget to close whole selection.


Now bring up Your path panel – Window–>Path and press CTRL+CLICK on the work path to make selection.


Grab again gradient tool (G), but this time use linear gradient using colors – #a2acff and #4759e5.



Step 3

It’s time we add more snow feel to hills.

Go to Filter–>Add Noise and use settings like me. This action will give us snow effect.


This is important – with still Your hill selected, grab smudge tool and smudge our hill in the right direction, like on the picture below.


Pick Your own settings or choose mine, but be patient, this action takes much memory, so Your computer will sow down for a time while smudging.


Ok, I am checking with You – I got result like this :


Step 4

Now repeat step 3 multiple times using different colors to get more unique results, but I cheated and just duplicated this layer several times and I’ll go through those steps with You too:

I duplicated Layer 1 four times, You can do it with right click on the layer and clicking “Duplicate Layer” or just pressing CTRL+ALT+UP button.

Move every duplicate to create hills and falls – flip few layers horizontally, by pressing CTRL+T and right click on layer and “Flip Horizontal”.

Also if You got ugly corners press CTRL+T and right click –>Warp moving Your layer until it looks okay for You.


Looks already interesting? But let’s add more natural colors to add 3D look.


Step 5

Remember Your layer hills in the front must be lighter and hills at the back must be more in the shadow.

I won’t go in details with these steps, just use different colors in the inner glow, example of my back layer settings:


You should use a little different settings on each layer to get effect like me:


Step 6

Let’s add stars on our background now.

Organize Your hill layers, by selecting them all holding SHIFT and clicking on each of them and pressing CTRL+G then to group all hill layers.

Rename new group to “Hills”.

Now create new layer ( CTRL+SHIFT+N), right above the background, fill it with black ( choose black and ALT+DELETE to fill).

Go to Filter–>Add Noise and add settings like on picture below (amount 20-30):


Change Blending style to Color Dodge


To get lesser amount of white noise, go to Image–>Adjustments–>Brightness/Contrast:


Press CTRL+L or go Image–> Adjustments–> Levels, to get little more different effect, if You need:


And optionally grab soft brush, change opacity to 40-50% and erase something if You feel You have to much stars.

Step 7

Now create a new layer, grab soft white brush (17-20px) to create a snow or pick some cool Christmas brushes from my collection – 48 Snow, Ice, Snowflake and Christmas Brushes, but if You are interested I will guide You shortly through my final steps –

Change opacity and randomly put snow in the sky.


Now, I used Christmas Tree brushes, added outer glow, shadow on the bottom of the tree and got result like this:


Create new layer right above background,sky and hills;

Press CTRL+A to select all,  choose elliptical marque tool and take selection like me:



Press ALT+DELETE to fill Your layer with foreground color ( You must have black color #000000), change opacity if it’s too dark.

I also added some more brushes, Christmas text and we’re finished! I didn’t go detailed on finish, so everybody of You can create unique wallpaper to share with friends, and again don’t forget about my brush collection – 48 Snow, Ice, Snowflake and Christmas Brushes.


Download *psd file

Download Christmas Scene Wallpaper (1920x1200px)

Please share with Your results if You go through this tutorial and feel free to ask if You don’t understand something!

Now let’s take a closer look at Creative Market, where you can sell your created wallpapers or other stuff. Maybe you just want one more place to get some great wallpapers.

Creative Market Wallpapers and Other Goodies

As web professionals, there are many ways and means you can generate income  nowadays. The development of the Internet, as well as the propagation of various tools and technology for the web, has removed any limitations you can imagine.


Gone are the days where you have to struggle how you can market yourself to get more clients. Now, there are various marketplaces to look for gigs. There are even sites where you can sell, not only your services but also your creations and products. And one of these places which support and encourage creatives to make money from what they do is Creative Market.

Creative Market is an online community which boasts of more than a million of creatives who buy and design different kinds of creative assets, such as fonts, graphics, themes, photos, and more. You can even find architectural renderings of buildings and floor plans – name it and you can see almost any design assets on Creative Market. In fact, the community boasts of more than 350,000 resources.

Creative market is giving away some free items every Monday, so it’s not a bad idea to sign up even if you have no intention to sell your own stuff. Take a look at these beauties.

Our Top Picks

In case, you’re still wondering if it’s worth the hassle, yes it is! If not anything else, just wait for a Monday :)

Lovely is a simple WordPress theme that delivers

Lovely is a simple WordPress theme that delivers

1. Lovely Responsive WordPress Theme

This fully responsive theme works well on all types of devices. Based on the Genesis framework, the theme has 3-page layout options, SEO optimized, a customized drop-down navigational bar, and Simple icons integration.

Get help with your UX/UI presentation using

Get help with your UX/UI presentation using this documentation kit

2. Ideal Hub Documentation Kit

This documentation template will help you with your presentations in the most professional manner. Add flowcharts and app design specifications, like color, icon information, and fonts to your presentation. With this template, you can also add screenshots as well as the explanations of each feature and function of the device. Whether you are creating an interface design or a wireframe, this is extremely helpful.

Be inspired by these high quality images

Be inspired by these high-quality images

3. Cinema Deluxe Pro Action Volume 2

Get some inspiration  from this awesome action set filled with high-quality photographs. These photographs are specially made for graphic designers and photographers. The images can add some drama and depth to any graphic design project you have.

Smooth calligraphy typeface from MyCandyThemes

Smooth calligraphy typeface from MyCandyThemes

4. Aura Blue Modern Calligraphy Font

Aura Blue is a smooth and delicate typeface developed by MyCandyThemes. The fonts are available in both Bold and Regular version. The pack also includes 349 glyphs, alternative characters with swashes, and smooth line font. This typeface is perfect for stationery design, invitations, lettering needs, branding, and many more. It even has alternative letters for Office and Photoshop users. All you need to do is download the OTF font files.

Present your fashion line using this elegant lookbook

Present your fashion line using this elegant lookbook

5. Product Brochure/Lookbook

This lookbook is a perfect tool for fashion, jewellery, and perfume presentations. The brochure has 16 pages of 200 X 200mm InDesign file square size. If you needed to change colors, all it takes is one click to do that. The downloadable file contains all the links and files as well as PDF files for preview.

Go retro with this blogging kit

Go retro with this blogging kit

6. The Blogging Set – Templates andElements

Want to add a unique twist to your blog? This blogging set contains 75 different elements which include logos, brushes, templates, and other vintage elements. Never run out of resources if ever you wish your brand or your blog going retro.

The kits includes 40 fully scalable food elements

The kit includes 40 fully scalable food elements

7. YUMMY Food Doodles

This set includes 40 fully scalable food doodle elements. All elements are available in two styles – normal and chalk. Available categories include kitchenware, bar, fast food, pizzeria, and many more. What more! One  bonus frame is also included.


8. Watercolor Backgrounds

This set includes 52 colorful watercolor backgrounds. The color combinations are perfect and realistic. It is perfect for your web layouts, wallpaper, Twitter backgrounds, collages, invitations, and more.

Who says adventure can't go retro?

Who says adventure can’t go retro?

9. 50 Retro Adventure Logo Template

These 50 retro logo templates are perfect for adventure or outdoor-themed projects, such as blogs, brands, and more. All images are in vector format, fully editable, and available in AI, EPS, and PSD formats.

Splatter those brushes with this texture creator

Splatter those brushes with this texture creator


Wallpapers can be used on your desktops, laptop and website backgrounds. If you choose them carefully, they can bring life to your website. All these wallpapers are designed especially for web designers and will motivate them in their daily work. In the end, please tell us which one did you like the most? You can share your thoughts by simply commenting below.

Editorial Team

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