Useful jQuery libraries is a very familiar phrase between designers and developers. It is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that you find on the Web. Every designer and developer knows about the importance of the library and are familiar with its functions and features.

In this article, we have collected 50 of the most suitable free jQuery libraries. Here they are:

1. Treed


Treed is used to perform tree editing on your website. It is extensible, customizable, powerful and very easy to use the plugin.

2. jQuery Vibrate


This is specifically built for the mobile devices. It allows the developers to vibrate any device in a pattern for a specific period.

3. Flight Indicators


This is a very easy-to-use plugin. You can display high-quality flight indicators by using HTML, CSS3, jQuery, and SVG images.

4. jQuery LightSlider


Lightslider is a fully responsive and touchable content slider for your websites. With slide and fade effects, it is compatible with all major browsers.

5. jQuery GoUp!


It is a very simple plugin to use. It allows your website visitors to go back directly to the top of the page with one click.

6. Image Cropper

Image Cropper

This jQuery plugin allows you crop images on the website. It also provides some options and a preview. You can also set the height and width.

7. Devrama Slider


Devrama is a fully responsive image slider with unique features. Both image and HTML contents are supported. It has various transition effects for photos.

8. jQFader


jQFader is a very simple plugin for making the elements on your website fade out. It is plain and simple to use and fits perfectly on your website.

9. Forkit


Forkit.js is a jQuery plugin that showcases an animated ribbon, revealing a curtain for additional content for visitors. It is usually placed in the upper right corner.

10. Vertical News Slider


As the name suggests, is a jQuery and CSS3 based slider that shows the news headlines on the left side along with the option of preview and brief summary.

11. Looking For


This is a jQuery plugin that allows searching text in list items available on the page. It also hides the unmatched items.

12. Browser Swipe


This plug-in allows you to trackpad swipe events when scrolling is disabled on the site. It reacts according to mouse wheel and scrolls up or down.

13. Chicken Dinner


ChickenDinner is a unique jQuery plugin for your website. It allows loading images randomly from a client-side array through image tags or background images.

14. Flicker Plate


This is a fully responsive and very easy-to-use jQuery plugin. It allows you to flick through the content on your web page.

15. SVGMagic

SVG Magic

Want to convert SVG images to PNG? Use this simple jQuery library. It searches for SVG images on your website and converts them to PNG, if the browser doesn’t support SVG format.

16. lazyYT


This jQuery plugin is used to lazy load YouTube videos. At first load, the div will be replaced with preview img of the video, which will auto play upon clicking.

17. ScrollMagic


With this plugin, you can control different interactions with the users such as pin an element, start animation, among others, when they scrolls down to a particular position.

18. RowGrid


RowGrid is a jQuery plugin to use to place the items in a straight row on your website. This is a small and very easy-to-use tool.

19. Remodal


This jQuery plugin is used for hash tracking and declarative state notations. It is fully responsive, flat and easily customizable plugin.

20. Panorama Viewer


This is a very useful jQuery plugin for your website. It allows you to insert panoramic pictures on your website for the additional unique feel to the site.

21. Floatlabels


Built on jQuery, this is a very familiar plugin for developers. When users interrelate with any text, the placeholder value moves up and displays above the typed text.

22. Fluidbox


This is a very useful jQuery plugin. It replicates and improves the fluid light box module that is seen on medium in such a way that it links to larger resolution image.

23. Headroom


Headroom.js helps you to keep the main navigation of your website close to the user. While scrolling down, it gets out of the view and while scrolling up, it comes back in.

24. A-Slider


A-Slider is a responsive and simple slider that also supports audio on the website. It is very easy to use and highly configurable using HTML features.

25. CoverflowJS


This is coverflow project that allows you to create a fully functional ‘CoverFlow’ effect with the help of combining jQuery UI components and CSS3 transforms.

26. jQuery URLive


This jQuery plugin is very similar to Facebook’s post attachment capabilities. It allows you to create a live preview of any URL based on its Open Graph properties.

27. BttrLazyLoading


This plugin allows the web application to load only those images that are within the viewport. You can have different versions of an image in four different screen sizes.

28. jQuery Collapser


This jQuery plugin allows you to collapse and element text by words, characters, and lines with a flexible API. It has multiple functions to collapse a paragraph.

29. Parallax ImageScroll


This plugin creates a parallax effect with the images. It is simple to use and offers many options for modifications. For animation, CSS3 transform is used.

30. Block Scroll


This jQuery plugin breaks the page in small parts for better presentation. By displaying the elements as one screen at a time, it turns the page responsive.

31. Full Page Image Slideshow


The full page jQuery plugin allows slideshows that expand the image automatically to fill up the display. Images are zoomed in and out into view.

32. EasyTree


EasyTree is a jQuery plugin that has been designed to convert the UL list or JSON to a tree menu on your website. It is very easy to use and totally free for everyone.

33. Mapsed


Mapsed makes selecting places on map easy. You can also add and edit your custom places, that are missed by Google Places API.

34. Radiant Scroller


With this jQuery plugin, you can create a responsive scroll with grid and horizontal layouts. It can be modified with various options and some API methods.

35. Image Lightbox

Image Lightbox

It is a minimal lightbox for only images. It has no captions and navigation buttons by default, making it simple but ascetic. It is responsive and touch-friendly and works great on all major mobile operating systems.

36. Mr.JsonTable


This jQuery plugin is very simple to use. You can table your HTML from JSON data with the advantage of paging and sorting. You can also hide columns.

37. ImageFit

jQuery ImageFit

This is a very handy jQuery plugin for the developers. It is simple and lightweight. It allows you to make images fit anywhere and in any way on your website.

38. Bootstrap Validator


This jQuery plugin is very useful when you want to create a site with validating options. It has many built-in options. It is also very easy to use and understand.

39. Resize End Plugin

jQuery Resize End

This is a useful plugin that is used to resize the window browser after it is completed. You can easily handle or resize the events after completion.

40. Adaptive Backgrounds


This jQuery plugin is used to extract the most prevailing color from the image and apply it to the background of its parent element.

41. FormChimp


This jQuery plugin is fully customizable MailChimp Ajax that provides an easy way for the users to sign up for the Mailchimp list.

42. Password Peekaboo


This jQuery plugin is used to temporarily reveal the password field if the user wants to see it. Users can see their passwords with peekaboo functionality.

43. Selectonic


This jQuery plugin is used to make a list of items selectable by mouse and keyboard. You can use it in different web apps that have widgets like menus, and dropdowns, etc.

44. Sudoku

Sudoku plugin

This jQuery plugin is used to customize and create Sudoku layouts for playing or presentations. It is responsive. It also has beautiful theme colors.

45. Elevate Zoom


This jQuery plugin allows you to create image-zoom interface. It is highly customizable and very easy to use on your website. For best result, use two images.

46. Wanker.js

jQuery Wanker

This plugin is very useful in designing your public service announcement. You can display your work and use this plugin to make your viewers focus on your work.

47. Form Autofill


This jQuery plugin is very useful for the web developers. It is a simple autofill for an empty form with data. It is very easy to use for the developers.

48. Image Map Resize


This plugin allows you to keep HTML image maps scaled to the size of an image. It updates the coordinates of the image map when the window is resized.

49. jQuery Full Screen Nav


This jQuery plugin makes a <nav> menu cover the entire screen while it calculates the size of its links on the page load and window resize.

50. SuzhouKada


This jQuery plugin allows you to see links of your website with one click. It allows the users to see the preview picture of links when they move the mouse over the text link.


In this post, we shared some of the most suitable jQuery libraries that you can use in your websites to solve any problem. We hope that these all plugins can enhance your website performance and give a user-friendly environment to the site. All these jQuery plugins are very useful and creatively made to give your site the best look.

If you think we have missed some of the plugins, then feel free to add a list of your favorite jQuery plugins so that every other designer and developer can use them on their website with your credits. You can do this by simply commenting below.

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