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10 Fascinating Examples of Wireframes in Web Design

By on August 17, 2017

We round up a selection of the most visually interesting and beautiful examples of web design wireframes.

10 Free Wireframe Kits To Speed Up Your Design Workflow

By on June 19, 2017

The wireframing process is crucial to every new UI project. Before you get into the colors and typography you have to consider the user experience first. And this all starts with great wireframing. Many designers prefer working on paper, but...

The Difference Between Wireframes and Prototypes

By on September 2, 2016

Few people know the actual difference between the two terms ‘Wireframe’ and ‘Prototype.'. There can be confusion with regards to their similarities. Yet, it is crucial to know the difference between the two.

The Power of Paper Prototyping

By on January 8, 2016

When planning the structure of a website or an app, I often begin by capturing my ideas on paper in the form of wireframes. I quickly sketch several possible layouts to see which form fits best: Should I use a...