The Interesting History of Adobe Photoshop

By on January 17, 2016

We all love Photoshop but only a small group of people knows the actual history of the popular photo editor. Gather round people, we'll tell you all about it.

Essential Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Project Deadlines

By on January 16, 2016

Not having a nine-to-five job, selecting your own clients, setting your own rates and deadlines and also doing PR work for yourself is quite different than being a full-time employee in a web design agency, where many of the things...

40 Free Social Media Icon Sets

By on January 16, 2016

Well designed social media icons are something that every designer needs. Therefore, we have gathered some elegant social media icon packs that you can download and use in your project for free.

25 Android Mobile Applications for Web Developers and Designers

By on January 12, 2016

As more and more mobile devices are being released every year, there are more tools being released to help out developers and designers in their work. The thing which makes all of these devices useful is that they're all compatible...

The 10 Most Optimal Positions for a Newletter Opt-In Form

By on January 12, 2016

A newsletter list is the lifeblood of any internet-based business. If you are running a blog or website for the sake of making money, an opt-in list is an absolute necessity.

How to Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

By on January 12, 2016

One thing a site owner needs to take into consideration is their bounce rate. This is very important for it tells you on how many visitors are “bouncing” away from your site. A bounce rate determines the success or failure of a...

The Website Color Schemes that Stimulate Human Senses

By on January 12, 2016

Colors can stimulate and excite people, increase their appetite, make them feel warm or make them feel tranquil.

Email Newsletter Design: 41 Inspiriational Designs To Start Your Next Campaign

By on January 11, 2016

An email newsletter design is an imperative tool for developing a design business. It is one of most valuable ways to share what type of work you are doing and seeking. Email newsletters are amazing marketing as well as communication...

How to Write an eBook that People Will Actually Read

By on January 11, 2016

Are you looking for new ways to deliver in-depth content on a topic specific to your website? If so, ebooks are a great way to take your audience deeper into some aspect of your subject matter.

PHP vs Ruby vs Python: The Three Programming Languages in a Nutshell

By on January 11, 2016

There are lots programming languages out there, and each works to do specific and unique tasks. Each language has a unique set of keywords and special syntaxes for organizing program commands.