40 Creative CSS3 Text Effects and Tutorials

By on May 21, 2016

In this article, we have collected 40 CSS3 tutorials for learning and achieving beautiful web typography. You should definitely save this article to your bookmarks, so that the next time you create beautiful typography in Photoshop, you can create them...

Why Responsive Web Design is Like Water

By on May 19, 2016

Everyone in every part of the world can tell you what water looks like, but have you really noticed it? With all the discussion arising due to responsive design going mainstream, it's troubling to see the original responsive design go unnoticed.

The Rise in Popularity of Minimalism in Web Design

By on May 17, 2016

If facilitated correctly, minimalist design is the most effective approach to designing websites. It leads the audience to a less cluttered and noisy design.

Useful Tips for Designing Memorable Magazine Layouts

By on May 17, 2016

Magazine cover design is not any different from any other type of design. It has its own challenges (and trust me, there are lots of them), tips, tricks, and tools of the trade.

Step By Step Guide to Setting Up Your Local Web Server

By on May 13, 2016

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of setting up a local web server with the latest Apache, PHP and MySQL Packages.

Your Simple Guide to A/B Split Testing

By on May 13, 2016

More and more people are becoming aware of A/B split testing and not without reason. Case studies and examples show how greatly testing can improve a site's performance, usability, and conversion.

100 Designers You Should Be Following on Twitter

By on May 12, 2016

Twitter is a platform for thousands of designers to showcase their ideas and daily routines with each other. From designing projects to inspirational quotes and sharing personal life experiences, everything is tweeted. Being a web designer, you should know  who’s...

The Illustrated History of Web Forms

By on May 9, 2016

Styling web forms for both usability and aesthetics is a usual practice for any web designer working on a project. However, at the very beginning of the Internet, forms were so dreadful that no modern user would have had the...

Modern Surrealism and How It Is Used in Design Today

By on May 4, 2016

Modern Surrealism is a cultural and art movement that started in the 1920s. It encompasses all forms, such as art, sculpture, music, literature, film and philosophy. Surrealism is a sandbox of the human subconscious mind.

Essential Tips for Registering a New Domain Name

By on May 4, 2016

Having a good domain name will at many times not only bring you more traffic, but also make your web page easier to remember – and this brings traffic too. There are many things a web designer has to think...