Should You Design for Mobile?

By on July 8, 2016

Nowadays, more and more companies are resorting to designing for mobile or adapting the mobile-first design. It seems that most, if not all, companies have a mobile version of their websites. In fact, if you don't have a mobile version, you're...

The Beginners Guide to Building a WordPress Blog

By on July 8, 2016

Don't know how to build a WordPress blog? Not quite sure where to start? Let us show you how to do it. All the way from hosting to picking your theme, to installing a plugin and finally writing your first...

The Interesting History of Apple

By on July 3, 2016

Apple is the brainchild of one of the greatest innovators of history, Steve Jobs. His passing was unexpected and early, but he has left us with enough wealth in knowledge. Steve Jobs changed the way we listen to music, communicate...

10 Free Resources to Help Give You a Better Understanding of WordPress

By on June 29, 2016

The best thing about Wordpress is that you can easily customize it without having much coding knowledge. Though, the more knowledge you have about WordPress, the more easily you can manage your blogs and websites.

Organize Your Content with CSS Counters

By on June 28, 2016

It is pretty common to see step-based content. Tutorials, shopping carts, FAQ's, gGrandma's recipes. You know, numbers and steps are really good to grab attention, so many writers use this.

Quickly Create Amazing CSS Animations with the Animate.css Library

By on June 28, 2016

The Animate.css library consists of over 50 amazing, cross-browser CSS animations that save you time having to write extra CSS to animate elements on your site.

30 Free Icon Sets Worth Checking out in 2016

By on June 27, 2016

We are sharing 30 of the best free icon sets of 2016tfor web designers, developers, and bloggers. You can freely download these sets and use them in your design projects.

Teaching Children Web Design

By on June 21, 2016

The idea of kids designing and coding seems to perplex a lot of people. Some might be puzzled if they can really design and code fabulous websites with all the complicated tools and languages out there.

The Science Behind a Good Headline or Title

By on June 19, 2016

Whether you are writing a novel, a news article, an advertisement, a blog, or an e-book, creating the title is the hardest and most agonizing part of the writing process.

How to Create the Letterpress Effect in Adobe Photoshop

By on June 19, 2016

This tutorial will guide you through the super-simple process of creating the letterpress typography effect in Adobe Photoshop.