30 Online Project Management Tools (Free & Premium)

By on August 14, 2016

These tools will maximize your productivity, organization, and help you keep on top of your projects effortlessly. Keep track of your projects, manage your workers, set milestones, schedule your work, upload your files, send invoices, sync with your mobile -...

Marketing Tools for Automating and Improving Your Website Conversion Rate

By on August 13, 2016

We share some essential marketing tools for optimizing and automating conversion rates. These tools and resources will help to drive visitors to your site and increase your sales.

Tools for Tracking and Increasing Your Website Traffic

By on August 12, 2016

I know from my own experiences, people are obsessed with traffic, statistics, looking at other sites – tracking their stats and so on. And if there is enough demand, of course there are sites to satisfy you. I wanted to...

How to Optimize Your Existing WordPress Blog Posts For SEO

By on August 12, 2016

So, you've written many great posts over the past few years, which still receive a lot of traffic from search engines, but you're always wondering how long it will last.

Feeling Uninspired? Here are the 6 Best Ways to Find Inspiration

By on August 12, 2016

Creating a list, writing a tutorial, discussing things, designing a logo, painting, or sculpting, no matter what form of art you wish to create, it is, often, difficult to begin.

Understanding and Getting Started With Flat Web Design

By on August 12, 2016

The flat design style is rooted in two core principles: simplicity and readability. These two principles guide designers towards creating cleaner web layouts with beautiful typography and memorable color schemes.

Design and Code a Coming Soon or Under Construction Page

By on August 11, 2016

In this tutorial, we are going to design a Coming Soon or Under Construction page with a minimalist style and light color scheme in Photoshop, and then, code it all up using HTML5 and CSS3.

A Detailed Review of the Monstroid WordPress Theme

By on August 10, 2016

Monstroid is the ultimate WordPress theme. It gives you all of the layout options you can possibly imagine, and so much more.

Creative Typography Using CSS3 and Lettering.js

By on August 10, 2016

We'll show you how to design creative typography with CSS and the jQuery plugin Lettering.js, a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use plugin that gives complete control over website typography.

Unbiased Review of the 10 Top Web Hosting Services

By on August 4, 2016

Choosing a good web hosting service can be as important as the information available on your website. If the server of your web host goes down any time, it can hurt your business or even destroy your hard work.