The Beginner’s Guide to Learning Less

By on November 7, 2016

Less allows you to write CSS in a simpler way by just using and combining mixins, functions, and so on. Less also increases readability and organization of CSS using imports, nested rules and comments with .less extension.

Why You Should Choose WordPress

By on November 4, 2016

By choosing WordPress to build websites, you are setting yourself ahead of the competition. You can build websites for clients faster, giving you more time to focus on helping them reach their specific business goals and objectives.

30 Stunning Premium Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes for 2017

By on November 3, 2016

This is our hand-picked collection of the best premium parallax WordPress themes currently available, including their best features and why we chose them.

How to Choose the Perfect Icons for Your Website

By on November 2, 2016

The prevailing philosophy that hides beneath the shroud of web design is that small details, like icons, are often the most important ones.

10 Mobile App Designs for User Experience Inspiration

By on November 2, 2016

With so many mobile apps being released in such a short period of time, designers need to create apps that stand out from the rest.

The Beginner’s Guide to Learning Sass

By on October 31, 2016

You will learn the basics of Sass and see why CSS has some drawbacks, and why and how you can code much faster with Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass).

How to Use Google Analytics to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

By on October 27, 2016

There are probably thousands of articles on the web talking about Google Analytics. This is all great information, especially for novice site designers and owners. Although the “how do I analyze Google Analytics reports in order to actually make impactful...

PHP Contact Form: Create Forms Using HTML & PHP

By on October 27, 2016

We will teach you how to create a simple PHP contact form in HTML, CSS, and PHP - all of them you can download for free.

Learning the Basic Elements and Principles of Graphic Design

By on October 27, 2016

Besides the many skills you will have to learn, getting a job on the web also requires personal attributes such as resistance to stress, creativity, and self-motivation. But before your personal skills will be evaluated, the practical ones are the...

Freelance Websites To Help You Find Web Design & Graphic Design Jobs

By on October 27, 2016

You can’t run a freelance business without creating a system to get more clients. Job search websites are a popular tool in that system, but if you’ve used one, you’ve probably had a bad experience. Before we started building our...