Browsing the Internet is fun. Aside from the seemingly limitless information that is available for the taking, you could see art concocted with usability almost everywhere. Web designers have immensely evolved in their creative means to get through you. They have devised new designs to make the content of the website juggle with its design. This makes their clients and the market of their clients benefit from the art and the content that is spilled beautifully in the canvas of the World Wide Web. But the clients and the market are not the only people who benefit from this artistic explosion. Other web designers also benefit from this. The inspiration that has overflowed on the Internet has made a lot of artists do better, and learning, in this particular case, is through modelling.

Let’s not waste any more time and have a look at 10 of the most beautiful websites for your inspiration!

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Table of Contents:

  1. 8 Of The Most Beautiful Websites for Your Inspiration
  2. The Niceties & Standards of Real Estate Website Design
  3. 30 Inspiringly Beautiful Web Designs
  4. Bring Your Websites Alive: From Boring To Exciting!
  5. Crazy And Creative Textured Websites

8 Of The Most Beautiful Websites for Your Inspiration

I managed to gather a list of eye-popping and most beautiful websites that would surely give you inspiration for the next project you’ll be working on. These sites are, in my humble opinion, well-designed for their cleanliness, usability, cleverness and aesthetics.

1. Ogilvy One Worldwide

When I first came across this site, my eyes figuratively popped out of their sockets. The simplicity of the design is amazingly shown while it focuses on the main use of the website. It does not involve any 3d images or skeumorphic design. It focuses in the content and how is it delivered in the simplest yet prettiest way.

As you lay eyes on the site for the first time, a beautifully shot header image will welcome you. It’s purposively blurred to emphasize on the tag line of the company. The designer did not use any fancy 3d scheme or used drop shadows. He was content in superimposing the text as it is and it produced beautiful results.


Then, as you scroll down, you will be awed at how each item just fades in. They appear as if you are literally taking a walk in their office, or watching a very expensive TV ad. In addition, the content is presented in a readable and logical way. How it is easy to navigate makes it better. You can browse each segment of the page by clicking on the diamond shaped bullets found of the right edge of the screen. This ensures sure that the content is surely delivered and understood by the reader. It also used flat design images and a minimalistic approach in arranging the data. Ogilvy’s site is also responsive; meaning any given size of the browser will not affect its scaling and positioning. This made it more beautiful and trendy.



What I love the most about this is the footer area (or the most-bottom part of the page). Triangular and diamond-shaped images appear and are arranged in a good way. It just gives a sharp and intelligent feel in the whole site.

2. Juliana Bicycles

If you prefer to pop eyes with photography-infused web design, this site is a good candidate. The owners invested on photography as their slideshow. This site is a good inspiration for people who are good in both photography and web design.  The photos they took are exquisite and truly manifests majesty in the simplest way imaginable.


It also has a trendy navigation button. This is located at the top left corner of the page. This is very good thinking because it does not, in any way, block any image in the header section because it is hidden in a button. Also, like Ogilyv’s page, this one is responsive, which makes it good for touch phones and tablets too. (I loved it!)

3. How far is it to mars?

All that I could say with this website is it’s clever. It used pixels to measure the distance of the Earth to the moon and to Mars. Well, it’s pretty geeky for someone who loves the outer space. But for web designers? Well, it’s a good wake up call to use the theme of the website to produce clever designs. It’s a wakeup call to think more and think beyond the design.  The designs that will make your viewer go like, “Oh my goodness! Why didn’t I think of that”.


4. Etch Apps

Etch apps is my personal favorite. It’s uniquely designed. The website is influenced by the Metro style. This mainly popularized by Windows 8 and is derived from the Swiss-style design. It is usually characterized by square blocks acting as containers for menu and content.


In this website, the principles of simplicity and minimalism are very much reflected. The whole layout suggests organization of data and the website’s function to bring content. It focused more on directing the flow of information rather than using complicated images. It also used eye-relaxing images to sustain readership even for a long time.

What I like about this website is how everything fits in a single web page. Unlike the conventional home pages, which mainly act as a portal to different links within the website, Etch’s home page presents all elements at once. As you scroll through the page, you will be amazed at how they managed to place all content in the shortest and artisitic way possible.

Bonus: that contact icon located at the upper right corner of the page rocks!


5. Boat Studio

This page literally brings color to toneless images. The website also showcases amazing photography in their layout. These images are arranged in the Metro style like etch. The only difference it has is that it used the hover option very ingeniously.

As the website loads in your browser, you will be able to see monochrome images arranged in block. They may seem boring, except that they are taken artistically. But they still could be boring because of their lack of color.


Not until you hover them. You’ll see the pictures breath life. They will slowly have colors and be more beautiful.

6. Builtbybuffalo

When the world goes for circles, squares and triangles, builtbybuffalo used hexagons. He tried to be different with his flat design principle. The designer tweaked the design making it a more attractive page. It did not go mainstream with the conventional shapes used in web design but explored it at took  it to a better field.


I also like how the site displays its stats! The use of circular data panels gave touch and a creative pinch to the whole page. It’s like seeing a car dashboard where you could see if how fast you are going, the fuel rate of your car and the like.

7. Lorenzo Verzini

This sign is drawn in flat all over. It manifests how a designer is able to use flat design to his advantage. In this website, Lorenzo was able to apply all the elements of the flat design. He had used simple images with no 3d settings or so. This was manifested on how the images look simple and easy to make. It also was able to use the colors well as they blended perfectly, producing a sense of consistency in the whole site. Spacing was not a problem as well because the site is clearly able to breath because of the ample white space it gave.


8. Stuart Regan

If you want simple, this is the perfect guy. His site is built to manifest extreme simplicity as the menu is located within a few pixels of space. It also gives you a very minimalistic feel as not all the space was bothered to use. This just proves how this site is simple, both in design and in purpose.

TIP: click on the center image on the web


These designs should always act as guides to improve your design. Sometimes, all you need to make that creative brain of yours to work is some inspiration! Keep trying until your eyes pop, or more so, until you make other’s eyes pop too!

Next let’s take a look at some real state websites that can inspire you for you next project.

The Niceties & Standards of Real Estate Website Design

On my professional opinion, real-estate websites are among the most complicated types of projects to be planned and designed. One of the reasons is that competition is extremely high and with the standard approach you will be buried under the heap of your competitor’s websites and secondly, the creative design does not guarantee anything.

Most of the industry websites have old-fashioned tabled designs with small fonts and cluttered layout, however the traffic to this websites is tremendous. That said and having observed the behavior of website visitors from some of the studies, I can make the following conclusions:

  • people don’t pay much attention to the look and feel of real estate websites;
  • it’s the properties database and convenience of search that play the main role;
  • the older the design is, the longer the company is on the market and thus, there’s more trust.

In my post today I’d like to present you the collection of thoroughly chosen and best in their niches websites related to real estate market that should help you with your own real estate project. The designs presented in this showcase below cover a wide range of property and real estate related websites and thus I hope will be useful for every designer and project manager.

The websites do not stand out by their designs only, the parameters I used when making this list are:

  • clean layout;
  • great presentation of the property search;
  • call to action buttons that make you want to click;
  • effective header area;
  • creative use of photos, icons, illustrations;
  • workable color-scheme;
  • website memorability.

None of the websites in this list are perfect (except for probably Remax which is my favorite one) but every single site has something worth seeing and analyzing. Some of the websites may have a unique property search presentation only, others may have cool call to action buttons but lack user-friendliness and clean page structure. Some of the websites present real estate standards formed for ages and nicely embedded into new design, others are quite innovative and created in the mixed style you will probably love. Like in every niche, there’s always place for experimentation but there’s also customer experience that we should never neglect.

Browsing trough the list you will find the one-property websites, vacation rental websites, property portals, corporate websites of property companies and much more. Enjoy the first-class concept presentation and share your thoughts with us!

Terminus Real Estate


Vacation Rental Station

Cantera Real Estate

Naked Apartments

Find a Property

Equity Apartments


Avalon Communities

Optimal Rentals

First National

Lincoln Property Company


Real Estate

Be The Middle Man

Lanikai Properties

Emlak Center


Preview Naples

Meadow Castle Rock

Belvedere Inc

Woolshed Grove


Prudential Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate

Rental Homes Plus






For Rent

Better Homes Real Estate



This article is all about web design inspiration, so let us continue.

30 Inspiringly Beautiful Web Designs

It’s inspiration time! I know how you all want to see amazing showcases of beautiful web designs so, I have collected another batch of inspiring and beautiful web designs for you,  guys. These websites have made my eye pop for a while. Looking at them really inspire me because they embody the latest design trends while mixing with traditional design norms.

I hope that through these great examples, you will get some ideas on how to design your website. I personally handpicked these because I believe that they are trendy and that means they are what your clients are looking for! So, sit back and scroll down for this is going to be awesome!




Brad Heynes




Adam Hartwig


Jim Ramsden


C Roots




Control Films


Faces of NYFW


Coference Badge


Forms Follow Function


It’s a Shape Christmas


East Works Leather


We Like Small


Rooftop Cinema








We Are Moving Things


Soyuz Coffee






Bienville Capital


Soup Agency


10 Years in Type


Strobe Digital


Oliver Staub


Adam Co





Seeing these websites will somehow give you inspiration for your next projects. Inspiring web sites like these open up our creative sides and lets us adapt on the current trends to make one hell of a website. I hope you liked it! Cheers!

No, we are not finished yet. For all of you who take web design with great passion and love to create something new, you are going to love the next section. It’s about inspiration and a few designing points.

Bring Your Websites Alive: From Boring To Exciting!

Some have a passion for web design; others consider it a mere task! This article is for those who consider web design more than just a task, in fact, it is meant for those who always have a passion to create something new! Bringing together elements of design and technicality is an exciting task, if you love website design that speaks and conveys its message effectively. The approach taken towards design is the key to the entire site. This is also the reason why some websites grab user-attention whereas others tend to drive users away from the page.

Few Points that should be considered:

  • The design should attract attention
  • A user should find the website engaging
  • The content should convey the right message
  • The website should be user-friendly

1. The design should attract attention

Simone Moreno

The design is what speaks more than the words when a user first looks at the site. It is therefore essential you have a creative website without all the clutter. This website example has a very attractive and well-balanced approach. Although the main image is rather heavy, it has been balanced appropriately with the colors and tones used. The site is about a musician, Simone Moreno. It gives information in a neat and clutter free way although there is plenty of creativity involved in the way the images are presented.

Bebop Jeans

In this example, the website is all about an attractive color and design form usage. The elements appear slowly on the screen as the whole design takes shape. There is an interesting balance of colors and forms used. This apparel brand ensures users are motivated to explore the site.

2. A user should find the website engaging


This example is about a Minneapolis-based company which creates innovative communication solutions for its clients. However, instead of presenting the company information in the usual manner, it has chosen an engaging way to interact with clients. The features of the main face shown in the image above can be changed with mere clicks to reveal some truly hilarious options. This is a great way to engage users whilst conveying about the creativity of the company and the kind of portfolio it will boast of!

Tony D’Orio

It can take some time to figure out this website, yet this is the very factor that makes one stay on the page. A collection of some amazing photographs have been put together by the photographer. As a users clicks on an image, the black and white image changes into color and is further enlarged. The interaction happens in an interesting way that keeps the users engaged whilst browsing the site.

3. The content should convey the right message

Costa Navarino

This website has creative usage of Flash. It engages the users whilst the destinations and other related information is displayed. Although, there is a usage of Flash interactions, the main message is not lost. There is a good balance between design and the topic.

4. The website should be user-friendly

Hoodie Remix

A neat and simple design is what this website is all about. Yet, the users are kept engaged on the site as they can create and design their own style for the hoodie. The home, design, gallery and about us section are kept separate so that a user can navigate easily.

Final Thoughts

The common thread between all these examples:

These examples have conveyed the basics of an attractive and exciting website. Upon close observation, the common factor amongst all is Website Interactivity and Creativity.

The Basics of Website Interactivity:

Interactivity is the next step in the evolution of web interfaces. Here, we can take an example. A radio button or hyperlinks are elements of a web interface. Contrast these with a 3Dimensional Cube or a 3Dimensional Flip Book, both being examples of interactivity. They are complete experiences of doing stuff that engages users with web pages whilst the user is going through the information displayed on the website. This is what makes these examples stand out. The use of interactivities woven very creatively with website content makes them successful in capturing user-attention.

This is because, with interactivity, you can get users to stay longer, engage better and return sooner to your websites. However, some of the most commonly known ways to achieve interactivity involve programming. This can be time consuming and tedious. Interactivity thus created can be hard to maintain. On the other hand, Rapid Interactivity – a new paradigm – allows web masters to add interactivity to websites quickly and easily and also permits easy customization. This is a new phenomenon that most web designers are choosing to employ.

Interactivity can take on a number of different levels of complexity, depending on the needs of the site and the tools used to create the interactive features. These tools require programming of interactivity which is complex to code and difficult to maintain. Rapid programming is about creating interactions within minutes through customization.

Interactivity is all about keeping users on a web page!

Website interactivity is fast catching the fancy of many web designers who want to make their websites stand out! I guess it’s time to make your websites turn exciting from plain boring!

Let us know what do you think about interactivity and excitement in web design. We have seen it all, however in the next section we are going to look at some great textured websites.

Forget About Classics: 59 Crazy And Creative Textured Websites

Textures are great way to highlight your website, give it an unique look and stand out from crowd offering something people have never seen and known is possible to do.


1. Texture Lovers


2. Logo Designs Studio


3. SL Constania


4. Real-Visuals


7. Inter Expresso


8. Fundo Los Paltos



9. Flipp


10. Creative Soapbox


11. Marcs Design



12. All For Design


13. Bertu’s Gym


14. RRG GRoup


15. Przeznaczenie


16. Icebolt


17. Matt Brown’s Portfolio


18. Sick Designer


19. The Walk to Washington




21. FTDesigner


22. Vael Project


23. CopperBasin


24. Harmony Republic


25. Lather Bee Rich


26. Rekiabilly


27. Plank Design


28. Zac Brown Band


29. Carol Rivello


30. Blue Collar Agency


32. The Croquis


33. Chris Kaufman


34. Istok Pavlovic


35. Ploc


36. Corking Design


37. Michael Dick Portfolio


38. Slavik Dizajn


39. Robocat


40. Burdette Networks


41. Sky’s Guide Service


42. Slurpy Studios


43. Arnbacktraining


44. We Love WP


45. James Childers Portfolio


46. Anthony Fonte Portfolio


47. One Twenty Seven


48. AJ Groups


49. Chapel


50. Tapparatus


51. TJ To Do


52. Blend Interactive


53. Booyant


54. Padizine


55. Joe Godbee


56. Only Two Designers


57. Circa, The Prince


58. Cullpa


59. PominPerth


Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team


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