Today we have really exciting news for you!

How would you like to see yourself become a better web designer with our help? Do you feel like you are left alone on this journey to become a web designer?

Do you want to see and hear how I flunked on camera and do you want to see 1WD’s new branded microphone?

Yes, you heard it right – see and hear!

We aren’t seeing you yet, but you can see us and it really feels like we are talking directly to you!

You are alone NO MORE! Oh, wait! There is much more, watch video now!

Introducing 1WD TV

Just to be sure you know it’s me, founder of 1stWebDesigner and James Richman talking in this video, you can check his articles here!

On The Journey To Becoming Web Designer

Everything started some time ago when you found out how exciting and full of opportunities the Internet is. You saw all the huge opportunities the Internet is providing, you read all those different stories of young people succeeding online and thought, “what  about me?” You sat down on your couch, your whole life ahead of you and dreamed of your very own project, of how it could conquer the world. But there was one little problem – you wanted to change, but you didn’t know how you can start out. There was no one there for you to ask for advice, nobody to care for you during your first step!

What should I learn first?

Should I start with Adobe Photoshop so I can create beautiful looking web designs? Designs which will attract other people, other designers and make them share their feedback and help me improve my web design even more?

Or maybe I should learn HTML5 and CSS3 – languages that everybody is talking and raving about? I could create my first responsive web design portfolio to show I am ahead of the competition. New clients would reach out to me, interested to utilise my skills. That would be nice start!

Oh but then there are more graphic programs, there are more programming languages, then there are many more CMS you could learn using!

One question remains – what should I learn first? How can I get started?

And when you finally make a decision, it doesn’t really get any easier. You may create your first web design, but is there anyone who is willing to give you a creative feedback?

Well, we have good news for you! You are Alone No More and we will work hard to keep our promise to you! We are willing to change, but are you ready to change with us? Are you ready to connect, socialise and help us with your feedback on what we are trying to do here? Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Are you asking why?

 I have a better question for you – why not? And why not start now?

Want to know more about what you will get out from upcoming 1WD TV videos?

I, Dainis, and James Richman tried to explain what is happening here, but we were a bit stressed so we made quite a few mistakes on the video (I was very stressed, first public video ever for me). Let me follow up here and explain one more time what we are going to cover in upcoming 1WD TV videos!

You will be able to join us on Google+ Hangout! We are using Google+ Hangout to record our videos for now in order to use the most social way possible with videos. The quality isn’t what we love, but it works! What do you think about hangouts?

What you will hear us talking about on these videos

The first thing I wanted to explain is when James mentioned we won’t be covering web design tips in the video. We will not be covering COMPLICATED web design or coding tips – a few people got confused about that part! Instead you will get easy to implement, simple, yet effective, web designing tips you can use when creating design. Creating design which accomplishes your or your client goals – professional visual design, better usability, better conversions, more sales, more contracts from new clients, if that’s what you want!

How can you know if you can trust our advice?

That’s a great question!

Well, we will be doing our homework, doing crazy research and we will base our advice on facts and things we have tested ourselves.

Actually, with the upcoming 1stWebDesigner redesign, we will do crazy A/B split testing, heat mapping, watch how people interact with 1stWebDesigner to see what works and what doesn’t. And with 80,000 to 90,000 daily unique visitors I think we can get great results that you will be eager to read about! And the best thing for you is that we will showcase each test in a manner that you can use to improve your own web design to reach your goals faster! We will be working hard and sharing with you our research and results and then it will be up to you if you want to improve your web design!

Are You Excited About These Upcoming Changes?

If you don’t want to  miss the next video, subscribe to our mailing list or simply circle us on G+ – Dainis Graveris and James Richman! Please respond to the question we got for you on the video! And join us on this journey!

I hope you are as excited as we are! See you in the next video!

Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team


  1. Obviously it’s good to know basics of everything that’s in Your industry.
    For instance SEO and Marketing can be useful to market and promote yourself.


  2. I’m new And would love to learn web design


    1. Hey Regis

      Then Welcome to 1WD I must say then.
      Really nice to see You here.

      Basically I have some good news.
      You have come to the right place.

      And I have even better news for You.
      You Are Alone No More!

      And that just means You are able to shape 1WD too.

      So Can I ask You Now Regis
      How Much Do You Already Know About Web Design?


  3. Great post, thnx to 1stwebdesigner for posting this, it would help me a lot and keep helping us.


  4. Nils Schönwald December 14, 2012 at 14:28

    I just want to thank you for articels like that, for the will to push up those who feel alone as a ‘web-geek’ within their group of friends, just like me. You’re giving me the will to improve myself and to become better structured in what i do.

    I’m thinking about to start freelancing the next february. But my fear is to fail, don’t earn enough money.

    Thank you for giving me the tools to start with better knowledge



    1. Dainis Graveris January 19, 2013 at 05:41

      Thank you, Nils so much!

      Oh Nils, then just keep following on 1WD, because actually we are working on ebook about how you can get your first THREE clients..and then on actionable videos – where we actually show how you can do it.. :) How we would do it if we start!

      Good luck with freelancing – be prepared to know what you are signing up for! :)


  5. Jonathan Bennink December 5, 2012 at 11:46

    Hey, I just wanted to say thank you, I actually just bought my first macbook pro, and know a little about html 4, xhmtl, and css, and am now going to be diving into a huge webmaster package inlcuding adobe, html5 and dream weaver which is an amazing opportunity! The question is though, where do I go from there? What else do I learn as I am completing these courses? I am glad there is something out there for us aspiring to be great web designers.


    1. Dainis Graveris January 19, 2013 at 05:43

      Jonathan, thanks for stopping by!

      What is your goal by learning about these programming languages and Photoshop? The best approach actually is not just go learning..but search for real jobs, real sites you want to build..and learn as you go – you miss information – read, search on internet, watch videos! It’s cool just to learn languages, but usually you use very little of that..and afterwards forgot what you learned.

      So learning in action is the best thing to do after my own experience!


  6. Hey,
    I just want to say thank you for your efforts and for everything you do. I’m first time here but you are now in my bookmarks and I will definitely go back =)
    Now, your questions…Video is great way to communicate with audience, I think that best way to learn new things is with video tutorials because we humans are visual creatures =)
    And question #2:
    I’m not new in web development, but I have a problem with lack of creativity lately.


    1. Dainis Graveris January 19, 2013 at 05:45

      Hey Alen, amazing – yes! If you don’t want to forget about us, subscribe to mailing list, we send quick emails about latest articles there :) Oh yes, this video thing is going to be huge, very challenging – but I believe rewards for all of us will be amazing! Already are!

      Oh, in that case wait for week, because James Richman actually just found out amazing research showing how to increase your creativity!!! Will be published real soon, and yes – it will be video!


  7. thanks for this article+video definitely a confidence booster :)
    How about some ways on how to start your camp online? like should i get domain name and hosting now or try free-hosting on a trust worthy hosting for the time being, the risk involved, to build a portfolio site to showcase all the designs I’ve made. like those things would be great to be tackled in the next articles or so.

    also I’ve bookmarked this. ^^)b


    1. Ahoy Techeese,

      Thanx a lot for your suggestions.
      It’s definitely something we would be happy to cover.

      And in my opinion the best way to do so would be just to give some good case studies.
      Just so You can compare those options and see their pros and cons in real life situations.

      Actually Techeese, I’d Be Happy To See You Join Us On 1WD TV Sooner Or Later
      What Do You Think About That?


  8. Extremely interesting article, blog added to your favorites :-)


    1. Hi Adams,

      It’s nice to see You enjoying this article :)
      Thanx a lot for Your comment and for adding us to Your favourites.

      I have 2 questions for You Adams:
      1. What exactly are You into? Web Development, or more some graphic and design work?
      2. How do You feel about an idea to join us 1WD TV? Considering at all?


  9. Yes, overlong video, but looking at the intention, if it were more polished, the impact would be lost.

    What I’m saying is the majority of designers and developers are probably more “noobish” at heart than anyone suspects. Most are just looking for a chance to develop good works and start off right. It’s hard to find truth against the moving target of the internet.

    I get ruffled by designers with elite postures. Who doesn’t? However remember that once the snobs have posted their fantastic site, it’s already old news. They are running to stay ahead of their “noob” public.

    Which is why I appreciate Dainis’ and James’ rough-cut approach. It’s sincere and trustworthy. My favorite part is the responsive web page reveal, they light up like kids at Christmas showing it off.


    1. Hi Fred,

      Thanx a lot for Your comment.

      I’m glad You’ve noticed what is the format we are using to engage and connect with You.
      We are using, what I call a “chillax” method.

      Where by seeing or hearing us You don’t feel tensed, nervous or pressurized.
      Instead we want to make You feel warm and welcomed to join in.

      And because we are currently concentrating on helping out everyone who is only just starting out in industry.
      It is vital to use very friendly and easy to understand approach, instead of 100% Geek terms.

      Another thing I can agree with You is that we really are excited about 1WD redesign :)

      But Fred, are You thinking of joining us on 1WD TV, at all ?


  10. it is going very bore, where is gone web resources, freebies, design posts etc?


    1. Hey Fiti,

      You are totally right.
      I’m glad You have noticed, that something has finally changed here at 1WD.

      What Has Changed?
      We are not anymore just your regular blog.

      Your that mass produces new articles for a better traffic increase.
      It’s All Changed!

      We are currently working very hard to introduce The New Breath Of 1WD to our community.
      So one of the benefits You will get is that instead of quantity we are switching over to quality.

      From now on we will publish an article only if we are 100% that You will get something out of it.

      So even if takes 2 articles a week to start with, we will sacrifice.
      We Will Sacrifice To Deliver The Best Content To You.

      But I’m sorry You have happened to feel bored at the moment.

      We will do anything we can, to keep 1WD as warm, entertaining, informational and engaging place as possible.


      1. thanks for reply, but actually i am here to get some freebies, web resources, tuts and other related things as you were providing in past, definitely this change is great, but i think you can also provide freebies/resources etc with these, or not?


        1. Hey Fiti,

          I totally understand how You feel right now.

          And because You like freebies, resources and tuts I’m sure we will be happy to carry on.
          Happy to carry on providing the stuff You want so much.

          But remember, that since these new changes…
          We want to make sure that everything we publish is actually useful for you.

          I Appreciate How Straight Talking You Are Fiti

          Catch You Later ;)


  11. I wanna be a web designer but I m really stuck for many days.
    I am glad that website like this are available.I am very much looking forward to your next video


    1. Hi Tenzin,

      Really nice to meet more and more enthusiastic people who want to succeed in web industry.

      And also it’s very great to hear You how much You are looking forward to our further changes :)

      Can I ask You Tenzin
      How much have You already managed to find out about web designing?
      Do You already have anything specific You would like to ask me?


  12. you should do something about your English, pronunciation and diction.


    1. Ahoy Valentino,

      Thanx a lot for Your suggestion, It is Highly appreciated :)

      We are and always will be doing our best to deliver as good quality content as we can.
      That includes video, sound, topics, as well as the way we present it all.

      Many of our readers, and also members of our team are not native English speakers.
      So therefore we all go this journey together as a team.

      So everyone can feel – No More ALONE!

      And You Valentino are more than welcome to join in and even teach us some English!

      Stay Tuned Valentino And You Will Definitely See Some Good Improvements :)

      All The Best.


  13. WOW!

    Awesome video guys! I very rarely post comments to blogs and articles, in fact I can count the number of comments on just one hand but this vid deserves the recognition.
    I’m a long time subscriber to your newsletter and always find your pieces informative and helpful but what you have done today is add faces and personality to your communications, you are not just “another newsletter” I subscribe to!
    Hey, you’ve even got a comment from me which says it all!
    Good luck with everything guys, and thanks for your help so far


    1. Cheers Dan,

      Well, You really made it all sound like something very special, and by what You said it really is.
      If You can count your comments on one hand and we have got one of the comments, then…

      … Then it really does feel like we are on the right track Dan :)

      By any chance You’re planning to join us on one of our next hangouts ?

      What exactly are You into Dan? Web Design? Web Development?
      The link to your website doesn’t seem to be working :(

      P.s. Where about are You in the UK? I’m in Cardiff.


      1. Hey James, yeah I’ll drop by in your hangouts, I’m sure there will be lots to learn!
        Watching the video I assumed you was from over in Europe but was sure I could hear the welsh accent – I’m in the wet Midlands

        My website isn’t there, it said in development it wasn’t a link :) I’ll share the link with you soon, almost at launch stage, you can let me know what you think of the designs. I’m a complete novice but I’ve designed the site myself with only a few months of experimenting with PS and Ai – and of course picking up loads of useful tips from your articles ;)


        1. Hey Dan,

          You are actually quite right.
          I was originally born in Easter Europe.
          And got British citizenship just over 5 years ago.

          Lol, that’s well said – I’m in the wet Midlands
          Thanx God Your not floating yet.

          Hahaha, that’s a funny one, You totally got me there
          I was going through indevelopment. com/

          And then I was like: “What the hell, can’t he even write his link properly or what?!”

          Good to know You’l join in with us, then we can have a look at Your website too.
          Stay Tuned And We Will Definitely Keep You Updated.

          Until then You can follow us on Google+ James Richman and Dainis Graveris


  14. Good day, I found your site while looking for some graphhic design tutorials. I live in Jamaica, WI. I studied Marketing and I’m very creative. I love doing designs, cards, etc. But my problem is I want to utilize my PS more and any other platform. I’ve been messing around with graphics programmes for years. But now, I really want to master 1. I find vidz all over. Some not so detailed or the presenter not so reachable. So, I’m really glad you are doing the vidz.

    Thank you for efforts and I’ll be lookin forward to what you have to offer.


    1. Hey, Hoy Janelle :)

      Really nice to hear You are enjoying our latest changes to get more connected with You.

      Are You thinking of joining in with us on 1WD TV at all Janelle?

      Let me ask You Janelle are You planning to stick with marketing or planning to dig designing deeper?


      1. Hi,

        Yes I would like to join in with you guys on 1WD TV. I’m looking forward to your help tips. I’m looking to go deeper in design and incorporate it with marketing.


        1. Hi Janelle,

          Woohoo, Janelle is joining us on one of our next episodes, real good news, thanx :)

          Web Design and Marketing really is a powerful gun to carry around.

          So Good Luck On That Janelle


  15. What I personally liked about 1stwebdesigner is the simplicity and ease of understanding. It is very easy to understand the things here on 1stwebdesigner as compare to other major design blog. For example Smashing magazine writes the things very very professionally and understanding their content just goes above my head. I am not a english native so english is not my mother tongue but seriously i have to kept a dictionary while reading those blogs. Thats what i liked about 1stwebdesigner, things get into my mind very easily. Keep going

    Hey Dainis i really liked the your new plan of video tutorials. I think 1stwebdesigner will be one of the first blog to introduced these video tutorials. I hope this new thinking will prove good for intermediators like me and as well as for the 1stwebdesigner team……..Good Luck!!


    1. Hi Aashish,

      That’s a really interesting comment I have to say.
      It’s really nice to hear You saying that 1WD gives You feelings of simplicity and ease of understanding.

      But that’s what we are here for at the end of the day, just to make your life easier when You are starting out.

      And I really hope Aashish, that because of all this welcoming experience You had You would consider joining in with us on one of our next 1WD TV Google+ Hangouts.

      And I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who would enjoy if You shared with us what was the hardest part when building your Shake The Web

      In fact You might still have something that gives You a lot of headache?


      1. Of course James. I am also super excited for this as you are are………hope it works for 1WD team because i know how bad we feel when something is not achieved……bEST oF lUCK!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanx Josh,

      It’s not very easy to understand your feelings and thoughts about this new project.

      Well, just because using one word You can’t really say much in this case, can You?

      But anyway Josh, I’d be happy to hear are You more into web developing or web designing?

      P.s Josh, We Have To Agree On Something From Now On.
      You see, as much as we respect and value your comment.

      We are a community, where we try to engage and socialize with each other as much as we can.
      So, could You please try to comment using more than just 1 word next time You are here? :)


  16. I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I think the way you guys are presenting your information is definitely more engaging, yet still professional.

    I think including sneak peeks within the video segments is another great way for viewers (us) to even feel like a part of your journey.

    Thanks so much for all the help, one last point I have!

    I think including life lessons (like making sure you have good personal health first!) is a definite must, although some of your other responses from viewers may suggest otherwise.
    Where I am in life now is exactly this: balancing my personal life, eating right, getting on a workout routine, and working has been extremely difficult for me, and I have noticed that when I go back to the basics and make sure my foundation is strong (health), then everything else just seems to fall into place.

    Thanks again!


    1. Ahoy Kyle :)

      It’s nice You have noticed we are trying to make videos easy to watch and not too corporate.
      As long as You enjoy it, we just carry on heading that direction :)

      Massive Thanx For Your Understanding Kyle
      I love it so much when people finally realize and admit the importance of innerself and health.

      Obviously this is not going to become a healthy magazine, cook show or anything :D
      But still we feel it’s our responsibility to tell people the truth.

      Can I Ask You Kyle
      How Do You Make Sure Your Health Stays Strong?
      Foods? Relaxation? Or Just Some Workouts?


      1. Hey! Thanks for incorporating me in this awesome discussion!

        For me, I’m naturally quite energetic and can sometimes be a bit manic. So what works for me is having multiple points in the day where I focus on relaxation, deep breathing (or meditation), and getting away from technology completely.

        Upon returning I usually find my best work comes out, and I’m often not irritated with the small nuances that come with our job (hehe :/).

        Also, I have a bit of a short temper, so whenever I’m frustrated, I spontaneously either weight lift or use my punching bag, to relieve some stress ON THE SPOT. 2 minutes later (when I sit down again), things aren’t so bad, and I begin thinking rationally again on how to solve the problem at hand.

        Also, I have a number of hobbies that I do for fun that really bring me joy, like producing music. I’ve always loved music. And if your upset, sometimes just flipping on the tunes can completely change your mindset!



        1. Wow Kyle,

          That’s a real nice story You just shared with use :)

          And I have to admit it’s a bit different than what I usually hear.
          In your case you need to get rid of that excess energy, instead of increasing it.

          To be honest You are quite like me mate, I’m quite short tempered too.
          I tend to get good amounts of energy from good sleeping pattent 11pm-6am

          And then a massive bowl of porridge mixed with dried fruit kickstarts my day :)

          If You are talking about relaxation and deep breathing.
          Have You ever tried yoga or any sort of meditation Kyle?


  17. Hi!
    I just want to say how amazing I find it that you are so young but are doing so much! I am busy studying multimedia design at college and one of our majors is web design and I find it fascinating…i will be majoring in that next year and all the great advice that you give out is very helpful so thank-you :)
    I appreciate it and will definitely keep reading the e-mails as well as keeping an eye on you on twitter haha


    1. Hello, Hello Nicol :)

      I’m very thankful for your loyalty to us, really happy to see You enjoying what we do for You.

      How long do You have left in college then?

      And also Nicol, from what you have already learned about web design
      How do You find it? Are You willing to dig deeper?


      1. Well I’m in second year at the moment and next year I am doing my optional third year therefore acquiring an advanced diploma in Multimedia design specializing in web.

        At the moment I’m still very basic. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery which obviously goes with JavaScript. I still only know pretty much the basics but I definitely want to learn as much as possible. Next year we will be learning more scripting languages such as PHP, MySQL etc.

        I enjoy going through tutorials and listening to people on YouTube to teach myself as much as possible especially now that it’s holidays. I have bought an online course as well that I will be going through.

        I find it quite challenging at times and sometimes I just don’t know who to ask for help (besides the lecturer of course) and he usually just tells us to Google it (He isn’t always the greatest teacher) so your points about being alone are very valid. I have recently built an online portfolio which I am waiting for my lecturer to put live and I am also trying to get my work out there, as you have said on your video, so I know what you mean, it takes a while to get noticed.


  18. This is great! I like the direction you are headed.
    However, I believe you are mixing too many ingredients in your message.
    While health IS important… the message is being weakened by not being focused and to the point.
    While HTML and CSS is important to know, there are companies like Treehouse, VTC and that teach those aspects of webdesign well.
    What can you offer that is different?
    Having live, current examples then lesson plans…. designed like a recipe (for example) may be a good selling point.
    Example: For this website, you will need to know Photoshop, CSS, HTML and a dash of PHP.
    In Photoshop you will [blank], [blank] and [blank]
    Using HTML and CSS you will [blank], [blank] and [blank]
    We are using PHP to allow for [blank], [blank] and [blank]

    Remember, not to be too talky talky….

    Also… there are so many ways to create Facebook pages with sign-up points. You know how important “likes” are.

    Looking forward to what you come up with.

    Readers are not so patient!


    1. Thanx a Lot AshAli,

      I really appreciate your detailed comment :)

      And I’m definitely considering every recommendation and feedback you gave us.

      As You know we are only just started to get all of these new changes up and running.
      Therefore they are still very fresh…

      They are very fresh and very new, so that means – very open to any changes.

      This video project is made only for you all, so we will be able to change and adjust as we go.

      And topics will differ depending on what exactly you guys are interested in.

      It’s more than clear that it would be useless if me and Dainis just sat there talking to each other about the things that only we are interested in and only we care about.

      1WD TV Is For You AshAli
      Stay Tuned And Feel More Than Welcome To Participate And Become a Part Of Our Community.

      All The Best :)


  19. Roman Rutkowski November 23, 2012 at 11:53

    Watching this makes me really look forward to what will be coming next. It’s a great idea to actually talk about the important things on video. To see the interaction between people who can actually give good advise will be really great. I think including others in it will be great. I would really love to see discussions or having readers/watchers questions be answered and discussed in a group of people. It’d be also nice to mix that group with very different people. Let’s say, people that have different specialties, people who have a lot of experience, but also people who don’t have that yet. They could be a sort of representing the readership/followers out there.

    I don’t feel alone anymore to answer James question. As soon as I found 1WD I already started to feel less alone. I’ve been struggling for years now trying to find the right way. I haven’t just started, but what I just still struggle with is the bandwidth. It’s just so hard to learn all those things. There are a lot of different aspects to a Website and trying to do those all alone just seems too much. For example to do the design, the html, the css, the databases and the SEO and the marketing and so on and on. I just feel like even if I was trying to learn all those things I will never be getting anywhere with it, because there will always be too much to learn.

    Now my question to you would be: Would you say it’s better to specialize on one thing, or try to learn everything so you can do everything yourself? The reason why I’m asking this is because I did try many times to find people I could team up with for projects and so on, but it always turned out that I had to do all the work myself anyway, or they didn’t do their work properly and stuff of that sort. I just want to know if I should keep trying to find me a a few teammates or just polish my skills in many different areas.


    1. Hey Roman

      Nice to see You answering my question.
      I’m really glad that You are feeling alone NO MORE.

      Well, the whole reason behind choosing Google+ Hangouts for videos was because of You all.
      It makes it very easy for You guys to join us on 1WD TV and participate.

      Are You thinking of joining us at all Roman?

      And regards your concerns on…
      Whether to learn everything at once or whether to take a tiny bit by tiny bit.

      I can tell You from my own experience that I would definitely crack one thing completely at a time.
      Try to be ask yourself: “Is there something I can say – Yup, I’m really good at this or that”

      Don’t You want to be a rockstar at something, than a mediocre jack of all trades at everything?

      As I myself am totally against formal education, I am self taught.

      And to be honest I am more than happy to talk about it more on 1WD TV, so stay tuned Roman
      Until then You can follow us on Google+ James Richman and Dainis Graveris

      I recommend to listen Derek Halpern’s interview with Tim Ferris on how to learn new things.


      1. Roman Rutkowski November 23, 2012 at 17:55

        Hey James,
        Oh wow thank you so much for the quick reply :)

        I might just go get me an Google+ account as I don’t have one yet. Joining you would be really really cool. I’d have to see about time zones, I am from Germany so it will most likely be night for me, but hey it’d be worth it :D

        Hmm yes that’s kind of what I thought once too, that I want to be really good at something. I wanted to chose html and css, because that’s the part I mostly enjoy and all. I did have to go and learn about databases, MySQL and PHP too though, since I’m all alone and had to do it if I wanted to get something to work. I’m also not too bad with graphics, but I never decided I wanted to do just graphics work. There is so much to chose from so it’s hard to do.

        I think one of my biggest problems is that I’m simply afraid I won’t get anywhere if I am only good at one thing because I’d need to depend on others that are good with other things to get a project really rolling, that never turned out well so far though.

        I will watch that video and follow you, or however that is called on Google+

        Greetings from Germany


        1. Meine Freude Roman,

          Yes, getting a Google+ would be definitely a wise idea.

          And I don’t really think You should worry about the zones too much.

          Because like at least me and Dainis are in Europe.
          I am from Wales, UK and Dainis From Latvia.

          Regards Mastering One Thing Very Good

          I thought more about choosing one to concentrate on between:
          Graphic Design, Web Dev, Web Design, SEO, Marketing.

          Obviously it’s good to know basics of everything that’s in Your industry.
          For instance SEO and Marketing can be useful to market and promote yourself.

          But then even in developing there’s UX, UI and WordPress specialists.
          In graphic design there are good logo designers or good illustrators.

          Here Are Few Good Examples Of Being Amazing At Only One Thing:
          – Amazing Logo Designer
          – Guys Behind UX Passion
          – Brilliant User Interface Engineer
          – Experienced Front End Developer
          – Talanted WordPress Developer
          Well Known Illustrator
          – Great Typography Artist

          Alles Gute Roman


          1. Roman Rutkowski November 24, 2012 at 11:39

            Hey James,

            thanks again for your reply. I now got Google+, but I feel like such a noob. I will figure it out in no time though.
            Oh well. After a long time on the internet one gets used to the fact most other people are from the states. At least I often encounter them. It’d be a really great thing to be able to talk to you about things and maybe my questions could help others too, but I know there must be a lot more suitable people around to talk to.

            Thanks for the links. Great works which a few I knew already, never knew the artists behind them though. I think that focusing on one thing you really enjoy you can master it so much others can benefit from it. There is just that fear if you only concentrate on one thing the entry into the business is going to be harder, since you must relay on others.

            Anyway I’m thrilled to see more and will try to improve as fast as I can to catch up to such amazing people like you. Beware so I don’t overtake you one day :P


  20. Benjamin Morgan November 23, 2012 at 10:00

    I love that you guys are doing video now. It is a really great idea!
    The question I have is “How do you get clients online?” I’m just not sure of what works, I have not been able to get clients off of sites like freelancer or Elance. I want to get some clients I can stick with and that will stick with me. Thanks!


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 10:36

      Hey, thanks – Benjamin!

      Hm, before I answer, can you let a bit more about yourself? I see you have website which is great, but I see only 2 websites in portfolio. You know saying “Pictures speak more than words”? There could be designer saying “Portfolio speaks more than CV” :)

      When you are reaching out – you need to present yourself as somebody clients can trust! And you can start doing it with portfolio, let’s say you have cool infographic CV. Really push on your strong points!

      That’s just something to get you started, we are actually working on articles now how designers can earn living online, where we will really expand on this topic!


      1. Benjamin Morgan November 23, 2012 at 11:10

        I am working on a site now ). I find it hard to create fake sites. It is much easier when it is a real project.


        1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 11:19

          Benjamin, you dont have to create fake sites – work on really good looking portfolio site, use your skills, design skills to present your CV better

          ..and if you don’t have a lot of projects done, highlight construction process. That will make you look more credible and professional –


  21. I am delighted to discover you guys..considering how much garbage information is out there it might show what a cracker jack researcher i am to have found you with in hours of finally deciding that i really want to learn web design…but effective web design, not to be the best coder, but to get the best end result…it really isnt always the same thing. You arent going have a newer newbie than me, i meant it about just having decided to dive into this, until yesterday it was fleeting thoughts..never more, yesterday my brain decided to lock and load as a mission to get the best information, the best teachers, that work with my style and end goal. It was wonderful internet karma that brought me to your door. now i am pulling up a seat and all ears (and eyes) and ready to learn.
    I really am a researcher, so here is something i dont get to say often; i trust you, and like your style. i look forward to this journey, i know i have chosen the right mentors for it :)


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 10:31

      Lori, oh so awesome to have you! Read your email and you are really tackling new grounds – welcome here!

      Hm, so what exactly is your goal now? Effective web design involves a lot of things, but if you break it down? Do some work on Photoshop, do simple modifications with websites, maybe learn WordPress basics and use themes, plugins to set up sites for your clients?


      1. thats exacty what i have in mind…all of the above :) i feel like a kid in a candy store, so many solutions to so many issues, wordpress basics seems like the best place for me to start…and then evolve from there?


  22. Hello, one thing I am struggling with is obtaining clients. My work always seems to be good. I am in college for web design and I worked professionally at a web design business. I have tried many things. Are their guidelines on what someone should know or should do in order to get clients?


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 10:28

      Hey Jordon!

      Oh yes, that is pretty common struggle! So you have good portfolio already, but you still lack work? Have you tried any job boards like Elance? Have you tried reaching out to your past clients asking if they know somebody who may need new web design?

      How do you promote yourself? For example i see here, you didn’t add your website – are you public online?


      1. The only past clients I really have are all from my previous employer. Those people I cannot contact and really had no contact with. I use to have my portfolio up. However I took it down because nothing was working. I did not have much to show either. Most of my portfolio is graphic design, which I do as a hobby to improve my design skills. I have multiple certifications such as the Adobe CS3 Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash certifications and my NTHS award. I have tried e-lance, and many other job board websites. I had very little luck with all of them. It is hard to compete with the top designers. I have asked many people if they need any form of design. Generally they want something free and I agree. I do a little work and they just never respond again. I do have server space and a domain name. I am young and know a lot. However, it just seems like I cannot communicate with clients the correct way. I am really unsure. Are there any good books you would recommend for obtaining, keeping, and/or communicating with clients?


        1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 11:16

          Hm, one thing you need to have really is good portfolio. And you really need to highlight your strongest points and experiences and focus on them. Imagine yourself as client, would you hire yourself if you would receive such message as you did now? You need to present yourself well – with portfolio, with Creative CV, then you will get responses! You don’t need to compete with top designers, you can instead focus on offering – let’s say website modifications. Offer quick service on creating banners (FLASH).

          I know a lot of people are angrily against that, but try crowdsourcing sites like to get up your portfolio and experience fast!!!

          You sais you tried job boards? How did you try to find job there, which were your actions? I cannot see how you wouldn’t be able to get clients if you work on good looking CV ( use your design skills) and create cool portfolio website!

          From books, I don’t like to promote other sites, but this is book i personally own too –


          1. I guess I should improve my portfolio more. Try something a little more creative. Basically my actions were find jobs online, on sites such as 99 designs, and bid on projects. I will look into that book and see if it helps any. Thank you.


      2. I am sorry, I forgot to include how I promoted myself. I used social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I also told people by word of mouth.


  23. Hi guys,
    I love the idea of the videos. I am a fresh web designer and I am always searching various sites looking for assistance in implementing awesome designs viewed on other websitse and to get a feel for my own abilities.

    I have so many questions about all aspects of getting into web designing. Thank you for reaching out to us newbies who are trying to get our toes wet in the industry.

    Looking forward to viewing the upcoming videos.


    1. Rean John Uehara November 23, 2012 at 10:11

      Hi Sherry,

      If you have specific questions you want to ask, just send us an email via our contact form anytime. :)


  24. Hi Dainis and James,
    Your new project of Video Blog comes at the Right time for me !
    I work actualy as an application developer, but I am more and more interested in Web Design, and I decided to learn how to become a good one. I have already read your e-books, and articles and I am sure I will find the same quality content on your vidéos.

    I have started designing my proper web site (in a French language) following your advices.

    This is a briant idea, and I think a great chanle’nge for both of you and your team.
    To answer your question : Absolutely Nothing can Stops me now to become a professional web designer !!


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 10:25

      Hey Youcef – great!! Love your super positive spirit!!! Can you help us give more ideas for video topics? You said you are getting started in web designing niche – so what’s your goal there? Where would you want to see yourself in 6 months? Any certain topics making hard time for you or it’s just that you lack time reading all that stuff? :)


  25. Nice! I will be looking forward to your next episodes.


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:43

      Thanks Harvey! :) Working hard on them, and btw love your mascot designs – super impressive and cool!


      1. Thanks! I wish you guys the best of luck on this project and I will be tuning in for sure. Hopefully one day I can participate.


        1. Hey Harvey,

          Thanx for Your best wishes :)

          And You are definitely more than welcome to join us.

          The minute we will solve the audio and video quality issues I’ll get back to You Harvey


          1. Hey James,

            Cheers on that! Just want to share my experience if I may,
            I have been a freelance graphic designer for 4 years now and the biggest issue when I was starting is to where and how to get clients I am sure many freelancers also had that same issue, can you give advice on that matter on your next episode?

            Thanks in advance.


      2. Hi Dainis,

        I have a question, we all know you are already very successful on webdesigning and are very experienced on the field, but out of curiosity, if you have the chance to send a message or a great piece of advice to your “past self” (back when you were starting as a freelancer) what would you tell yourself?


        1. Dainis Graveris November 28, 2012 at 16:46

          Hey Harvey, that’s an interesting question.. When I started as freelancer I wasted quite a lot of time with clients who weren’t paying at the end.. Even friends, who messed up with their projects. I guess I would tell myself to be much more careful how I spend my time and pick clients..

          And actually now when I am looking backwards I connect all the dots and see how all bad experiences were needed to become person I am now.. The same way how I got introduced with this blogging world was when I was freelancing and one blogger hired me. He eventually became very good friend of mine and inspired me to start blog myself..

          Steve Jobs said those great words: you cannot connect dots now, but when you look back, eventually everything goes into place. Not exact quote, but yes. Meaning – when you start,it is such a beautiful place to be.

          Maybe this wasn’t answer you were hoping to get, but that is how I feel looking back.

          One thing though – do not listen to your friends or colleagues when you aim for crazy dreams. They will try to bring you down to their level, saying that it cannot be done. Choose friends who bring you up, give you positive emotions, inspiration to move on. And get rid of friends who try to get you down to their level.


  26. Congrats Dainis and James with the first video! What a wonderful idea – this TV project :) I think it will have a great success, and I wish you good luck. I’ve been a 1stwebdesigner’s fan for quite a long time, and now I’ve become even more addicted. Can’t wait to view next videos. Cheers:)


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:41

      Oh hey Tina, thank you for stopping by here! :) Ah, we are working hard now preparing so the next videos has better audio, video, Youtube Hangouts look real bad :) And of course, researching what to talk about so it’s real valuable for you to watch it! :)

      Thank you again for kind words Tina! :) Hope MotoCMS is doing great even with all the changes on your side :)


      1. Thanks Dainis, we’re quite fine here, although I’d like to return someone back to our team:)
        looking forward to next videos! Take care:)


    2. Thank You Tina,

      It’s really nice to hear when dedicated long time members of our community become even more addicted :)

      Well, it looks like we are on the right track :)

      As Dainis mentioned we are currently working on improving the quality of our video and sound.

      The main reason for choosing Google+ Hangouts was that amazing ability for You all to join us in the video.
      We will definitely keep You Tina updated.


      1. Thanks James) From what I’ve heard in this first video, I found many essential subjects and issues for myself I’d like to know more about.. I’m intrigued and really look forward to view next series.


  27. Zulhilmi Zainudin November 23, 2012 at 06:46

    Good luck Dainis!


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:42

      Oh thanks Zulhilmi, nice to have somebody from Malaysia too! :) At least that’s what I thought when I visited your website!

      Any topic requests on video? Something you could use some help with?


  28. Nice to hear about.


    1. Hey Jagadish,

      Good to see You like our new changes.

      If I asked You what would be only one thing You would really like to join in with us to talk about on 1WD TVWhat Would It Be?

      Jagadish Could You Do Me a Favour Please?
      You see, as much as we respect and value your comment.

      We are a community, where we try to engage and socialize with each other as much as we can.
      So, could You please try to comment more than just 4 words next time You are here? :)

      And Jagedish, Why Can’t The Next Time Be – You Answering The Question I Asked?
      “If I asked You what would be only one thing You would really like to join in with us to talk about on 1WD TV What Would It Be?”


  29. Hey Dainis,
    Congrats for this great move. Looking forward for the more videos.
    Plus I think you should cover some bits of website coding (may be some tricks/shortcuts). You know better your readers but it’s just a suggestion.


    1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:45

      Hey Waheed,
      real nice to have you here visiting :) heh, you know – video is super challenging!

      Yes, we will do that Waheed, thank you for suggestion! Idea is to try provide good tips for beginners and both advanced people, unique tricks, snippets :) I just know how much of classical roundups of codes and tutorials there are, will try to take best of both worlds!

      How did you decide to focus more on advertising space?


  30. I think these casts will be quite promising. There was a question:
    “One question remains – what should I learn first? How can I get started?”

    What is the answer to this question?

    Student from Holland motivated to become a front end developer.


    1. Heel erg bedankt Francis,

      I’m 100% sure, that this idea will get us all more connected and engaged as a community.

      It’s so nice to see You paying attention to every single sentence in this article.

      And yes, as You said there’s this question that still remains:
      What Should I Learn First? How Can I Get Started?

      This question is very, very often asked by guys like yourself Francis, who are just starting out.

      So these all changes and video format as such is because of all the questions like this one.
      As You understand, a comment section like this is not enough at all.

      It’s not enough of a space to answer this question in as good way as we would like to.

      So that’s why we are going to use video format to answer this questions and alike.

      Stay Tuned 1WD TV Francis, and we will let You know when our next hangout is going live.
      Until then You can follow us on Google+ James Richman and Dainis Graveris

      Beste Wensen Francis


  31. Dedicated Web Designer November 20, 2012 at 18:27

    The success of the web site has been beyond our expectations.
    We receive complements daily from people who visit your site


    1. Hey, Thank You Very Much Mate,

      I’m really glad to hear You like 1WD, but as You can see on our first video, we are working on something amazing.

      Something so amazing that it should definitely make You jump (well, at least I did)

      Behind the scenes we are working on a brand new version of 1WD website, completely, completely different.

      And what’s real cool – it is going to be fully responsive.

      Browse through 1WD on Your pc, tablets, phones, tv or any other device and it will always adjust itself :)

      I would like to hear mate if there is something You really wouldn’t like us to use in our new redesign? Something that really irritates You when you come across it?

      And Also We Should Agree On Something Important
      You see, as much as I respect your comment and anything You have to say.
      We here, at 1WD always use our name when leaving a comment.

      So, please try to understand our community and the way we respect each other.
      Next time please don’t use Your company or website’s name when commenting.

      Thank You

      I Hope To Hear From You Soon Mate ;)


  32. Wow ! Thats really great move :)
    Best of luck!


    1. Dainis Graveris November 19, 2012 at 06:00

      Thank you, Vipin for thumbs up! :) It’s very new and challenging, but we hope that our readers will help out to figure out right moves too!

      What’s up with your project idea?


  33. Am curious and excited, can’t wait (What would you guys be talking about)


    1. Ahoi Frank,

      I like to hear that we have managed to get You feeling curious, it just means You enjoyed it already :)

      And being excited makes it even double boombastic.

      So You’re saying You are wondering what we will be talking about, heh?

      Well, I can clearly tell You that we will be talking about topics that we see You guys are struggling with.

      About topics we could see you happily being a part of, because…
      I Certainly Don’t Want You To Listen To Us!

      Yes that’s right, You read it just right –
      I do not want You to listen to what we will be talking about.

      And I have a brilliant reason for that…
      … We want You to join in and be a part of these new 1WD changes instead.

      Not only are You Frank allowed to create the next 1WD TV episode, but You are kindly asked to…

      So can we make a quick deal here? I want to to hear form You!

      I want to hear from You – What would You be happy to see us talking about and importantly…
      … more importantly topics you would be a part of by joining in.

      What is the first thing that comes to your mind Frank, something You are finding difficult?


      1. How to learn web design by yourself.


  34. I really like what I am hearing here from you guys. It is not easy to find a guide to help you learn web design/development without paying a fortune. I will be attending most certainly. what is your hangout link? Never used it before. Thanks for being so helpful, and keep up the good work for the better of others. Shows you got heart for others knowing it is tough to find a teacher. :)


    1. Hey Collin,

      You are totally right, there aren’t really anything available for guys who are just starting out in web industry.
      I’m glad You are all in for this idea :)

      We will be definitely letting You know when our next hangout is going live, so You can join us.
      Until then You can follow us on Google+ James Richman and Dainis Graveris

      And also Collin, I wanted to ask You is there just one, only one question that bothers youslows you down or makes You struggle to move forward in this industry?

      I really want to hear that Collin :)


  35. Wow..its nice to hear! Congratulation 1stWD. Exciting to see.


    1. Not a Problem At All Srinivas,

      Believe me – It’s our pleasure.
      We really enjoyed recording this video and Will enjoy many more to come.

      So What Makes You So Interested In The Web Industry Srinivas?
      Are You more into web designing or web development?


    2. Nice video guys – As always great inspiration as well.
      Looking forward to have a deeper look at the new design of 1stWebdesigner – Looks exciting.

      I would be thrilled, if you could post some videos about following topics:
      – Deeper look into CSS sprites, maybe with jQuery ?
      – If possible videos/tutorials about setting a theme up for Magento, Prestashop etc
      – And even designing/coding for mobile would be awsome
      – Maybe onepage design/coding tutorials ? :P

      Will definitely follow allong for more great inspiration and articles.



      1. Amazeballs Nils,

        You just helped us a lot.
        We are definitely going to think about every one of the suggestions You mentioned.

        By the way Nils, my favourite ecommerce engine has always been Magento.
        Let me ask You how long have You been using it and what sort of level are You at with Magento?

        Catch You later Nils :)


        1. Hey James,

          Thanks for the respond.

          I haven’t worked with either Magento or Prestashop – But as a designer I would like to get to know how the setup and frontend part is working for both systems. – I’ve researched for tutorials (articles and videos) but could only find very technical articles about both systems.

          My primary and favorite cms system is currently WordPress, but would like to exppand my horizon and learn more about other systems – Both CMS and shopsystems.


  36. Hi guys!

    This your new idea looks so cool. Its always better to see the picture and listen to some good advice instead of reading. Well I’m not saying that reading is bad. :D But yea its nice that there is somebody who wants to help like you and I’m proud of Dainis because I’m from the same country as he is and from the same school, so its nice to see that its possible to achieve things in big world, even if you are from small country.

    Thank guys … and hope to hear and see more from you ;)


    1. Thanx For Your Kind Words Edvins,

      Yes, I know exactly what You mean.

      Latvia is quite a small country if compared to many other more known countries.
      But yet, it’s a country with very beautiful and fresh nature nearly anywhere You go.

      So many times I’ve experienced how it pays off to be more like an outsider.
      Therefore having a completely different point of view and angle to see everything that’s happening in this world.

      Edvins, what’s your passion in this life then, mind me asking?


      1. At the moment my passion is to learn as much as i can about IT at my work and outside it. But in general I still try to find my real passion … i thinks its kinda hard to find passion in something and i m little bit jealous to people who have found their passion. And I know what you mean to be the outsider… I guess I m one of them as well. Its kinda cool think to be the outsider but not always. ;)


    2. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:48

      Edvins, huh, seriously we learned in the same school? :) Can I get your facebook link? :)

      That’s amazing that actually some latvians read this blog, we are super slow in general on adopting real new technologies surprisingly! However I feel good changes with Techhub, you might heard of it too!

      What do you do on IT niche? Would be cool to chat with you a bit on Facebook, Edvīn!


        This is my facebook link, so you are welcome to find me and start some good conversation ;)
        Yea I have graduate University of Latvia but not the programmers. I was learning more like IT management but at the moment I work as DBA for government. Actually I have good friend who have learning with you in the same class so he actually told me year ago about your blog.


  37. I really admire your (the team) dedication and of course, innovation, on taking weblogs especially design niche into its another level. You have full of surprises. Though the contents have its “downs” for couple of days, or weeks, now I know the reason because you are cooking something. Good luck with this project – Dainis and James.


    1. Thanx Manuel,

      Well, as You probably heard on our video we mentioned that this video is not the only thing being cooked.

      There are many, many more new changes we are cooking behind the scenes :)

      But as You know we would be more than happy to see You with us on 1WD TV if You wish.

      Also, Manuel, Let me ask is there anything, that You think delays You?
      Anything that delays or even stops you from developing your web designers career further?


    2. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:50

      Manuel, I can say the same about yourself! :) You are doing good job on consistently working on Designrshub too! You know consistency is everything!

      hehe, I bet we all have a lot of surprises hidden :) Thank you for your kind words – real inspiring to hear that from you, Manuel!


  38. Hey I really liked this video and would enjoy to see some more. Also, I like this site, and I’m glad I subscribed to you guys. Great inspiration you guys give here. Thanks!


    1. Hey Hussein,

      Thanx for Your kind comments mate.

      But Hussein, Would You only enjoy seeing some more videos, or also…
      … would You also enjoy joining us on 1WD TV yourself?


  39. hey guys! great idea. hope this grows.
    personally, one of the things that struggles me about been and independent professional, is to live with the designer+developer life in one hand and the commercial life in the other. Seems to me that people is always (well.. maybe not always, but in most cases) gifted for one of this aspects, or none.

    It takes a real effort if you’re not good commercialy speaking (that’s me) to go out and work by yourself. Maybe some chatting about this topic will be useful.

    cheers, and keep that good work! :D


    1. Thanx Augusto, For Sharing With Us.

      I am really sorry, but is there any chance Augusto You could formulate your problem in different way?
      Hopefully You understand me, but I’m just really worried that I might haven not understood You properly.

      I’d love to help You, so to do that I need to be 100% sure I have completely understood what You meant.

      Waiting For Your Reply Augusto :)


      1. Hi James! sorry for my bad english!
        I meant: The topic seemed to be ‘first experiences and tough experiences as a designer’. If that’s right, I tried to point out how hard is working as a one-man-army, and achieve the designer role and the sales role, when you have to go out and sell your work, negotiate it, collect… :)


        1. I Got You Augusto,

          Without trying too hard I can clearly remember going through these sort of problems myself, when I started out few years ago.

          I’m really glad You told me what’s the biggest struggle for You at the moment.
          And to be honest, I’d like to help You with something more than just a comment reply.

          Therefore I promise, Augusto

          I will definitely mention You and your struggle on our next 1WD TV.

          We will let You know when our next hangout will be held, so keep an eye on 1WD :)

          See You Soon Augusto


  40. Wow, interesting. a design TV series, though I was hoping more for an action movie. :P

    Making videocast isn’t easy, and I do feel some nervousness in you, Dainis. But for a first public video, you did really well.

    Just curious, will you extend the cast members to introduce some popular and favorite names? I feel adding subtitles will be useful even though we can use google captions and making the video in HD will be awesome.

    The glimpse of 1stWD re-design looks interesting and god, James I love your voice!


    1. Cheers Aidan, For Your Great Comment.

      Well, unfortunately this video wasn’t really anything like an action movie, but a comedy instead :D

      And regards Your question about extending the cast members, well…
      …the whole reason of this video is to get more connected and social, anyone can actually come live with us ;)

      Adding subtitles and making the whole video HD is definitely an amazing idea.
      In fact, we already have been talking about it, but…

      …but because this is Google+ Hangout, it gives as a bit more less options than we would like.

      But eventually we definitely will improve anything, that has room for improvement.

      Thanx Aidan for the comment about my voice.

      But let me ask You now…

      When will I be able to hear your voice then Aidan?
      As You already know – You are more than welcome to join us!


      1. Hi James, I don’t think my voice is ready for the public yet. :P

        I’m glad that Dainis found you first otherwise I would be poaching you instead. :)


        1. Hey Adain,

          No excuses here.

          By the way You are not the first one who says something like:
          “My voice is not ready for the public yet.”

          I usually reply to this with a very simple solution.

          You are talking to people every single day. Can’t we call them the public?
          Of course we can. – Think About It Adain.

          Alsoo, I’d like to see How You would try to poach me, well, well, well.


    2. Dainis Graveris November 19, 2012 at 07:15

      Thank you Aidan, you cannt handle action movie from us yet :P :D

      Of course, it is super challenging, but i believe if i can do it, anybody can! :) Hell, I am not even native english speaker! It’s early to tell how and where this video will expand, definitely thinking about better video, audio quality – still shaping! :)


  41. Love this idea – I’ll be following your progress and sharing it with my Twitter followers. Wishing both of you the best of luck!


    1. Hey Andy,

      Really nice to hear You love our new idea, because it’s been tailored for You :)

      And as we know sharing is caring, lol
      So thanx a lot fort that too Andy.

      By the way, I’d be happy to get to find out more about You, let’s say on twitter?


  42. Loved it, i’m waiting for more :) This TV thing looks interesting.


    1. Thanx a lot Gvido,

      I’m very glad you do find our new idea interesting mate :)

      And let me tell You something, that should make you feel excited!
      Well, I wanted to tell You, that waiting for more is really one of the best things You could do.

      Because, There Is Definitely Best Yet To Come.

      And what’s even more exciting Gvido – This Is A Great Opportunity For You To Join Us !


    2. Dainis Graveris November 19, 2012 at 07:16

      Hey Gvido, didn’t know you are still checking 1WD :) Thanks for that, we should chat more, would love to hear how your design hobby is moving on! :)


      1. Yea, We should definitely chat sometime! Only problem now is time :(
        I have one project now, but there is no free time to finish it at the moment :D
        And of course i’m checking 1WD! :) Waiting for more videos!!!!


        1. Dainis Graveris November 23, 2012 at 07:52

          Gvido – you know I read good words about time – “You always find time for things which are important to you” – if you lack time, then only for things which aren’t primary in your life! :)

          haha, good luck on this consistent fight!!! :) Talk to you on FB! :)


    1. Dainis Graveris November 14, 2012 at 11:27

      Hey Thank you Sri Ganesh! :) How do you like video so far? It is quite challenging and new for us!

      Btw…really like your new site and logo – not sure how long you have it, but like the change! That big logo makes hell of impression!


  43. That’s Right Guys – You Are Alone No More

    I personally am very excited to have this great opportunity given by Dainis.

    The opportunity to take this journey together with You.

    Please feel no longer shy, no longer embarrassed and no longer left alone.

    From This Moment On, Feel Alone No More!

    I want to hear from You exactly what it is that stops You.

    What it is that stops you from becoming a better web designer.

    From This Moment On, You Have My Full Attention Mate.

    I’m Listening To You!


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