Here you will find many useful free design templates and graphic design files with guidelines, resolutions for better and faster design creation like business card, credit card, icon, document, sticky note, DVD cover, CD cover templates and much much more. I believe in the right hands this collection will become marvellous time saver at least I feel so ever since I found these resources. Why should You create again and again something, that’s already out there?

Also be aware about license terms and agreements before You put them in use.

Table of Contents:

  1. Free Design Templates And PSD Files to Boost Your Productivity
  2. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – 100+ Links of Design Elements and Resources

Well, while there a lot of quality free psd files and graphic design resources available, at least sometimes I don’t have enough time to browse for them, cannot find what I need and I struggle  from waste of time. There is also some other solutions – lately a lot of high quality file marketplaces like GraphicRiver, or for example Mojo-Themes for themes have been opened where you can buy high quality files very cheap! Even starting from 1$! While you can feel you have enough with such sites as PremiumPixels, who offer occasional free files, it’s hard sometimes to find suitable files, codes and remember your time is your money! Don’t waste it!

At least I am doing my designing process like this –

  • 1st I do simple browsing to find if there is appropriate files,logos, textures available for free.
  • 2nd If after like 5 min browsing I cannot find anything what suits to me, here is time for those marketplaces..where usually I always find something good and I can move forward.

Well..and now lets return to the step 1 and here are high quality free files I found after serious research! We also added a few premium ones. Enjoy!

Free Design Templates And PSD Files to Boost Your Productivity

1. Windows 7 Box .PSD Icon by giannisgx89



2. iMac Icon by bobbyperux



3. Complementary Colour Swatches by digitalphenom



4. Customizable Folders by bobbyperux



5. Badges and Sale Tags for Online Shop by dadit (4$)

6. Documents And Letters by Adam Woodhouse



7. Free Post It Notes by bobbyperux



8. Free Button Pack by celerayted



9. DVD Label by 2N2



10. DVD Case Inlay by 2n2



11. DVD Plastic Case by manicho



12. DVD Case Template Mockup by manicho



13. Jewel Case Vector Based PSD by lemarquis



14. Cassete by manicho



15. T-shirt Vector Template by gopurifyyourself



16. Notebook PSD by tlmedia



17. 350dpi Business Card Template by eikonstock



18. Premium Download Buttons 02 by The_Chemist (2$)

19. Deviant ID Card Template by deviantdark



20. Old School Sloppy Border by eikonstock



21. Pixel Arrow Pack by sizer92



22. Big Stamp Template by jablonka89



23. Stock Pack Presentation Template by mouritsada-stock



24. PSDFreebie

This site is pretty serious offering new PSD files regularly like banners, wallpapers, layouts, icons and more. Worth Checking Out.


25. Magazine template 2500px by kadox



26. Reflection Icon Template by styrizo



27. Free Film Frame by bobbyperux



28. Skateboard template by nunosk8



29. Pressed – Letterpress Photoshop Styles by tylern24 (5$)

30. Under Construction Sign by creamania



31. Photoshop 3D Cube by thedevstudio



32. CoverSutra Snapshot Sleeve by turnpaper



33. Magnifa Pro by jean31



34. Subscribe Badges + Tutorial



35. Framed Wallpaper Resource by stratification



36. WWE 2007 DVD Cover Template by alan880

This template comes with good guidelines, fully layered PSD file.



37. Film Strip by uneekresources



38. Snowboard Deck Template by nunosk8



39. 3D Box Template by fox82

Handy Photoshop template using smart objects, to let You easy replace graphics on sides to Yours.



40. Old Folder by pullus



41. 8 Tileable Paper Texture Photoshop Patterns by Webtreats (5$)

42. Stamp Sheet Template by e-derby



43. Newspaper Template by wildsway18



44. Mail PSD With Editable Text by chekkz



45. Moleskine by dennern



Bonus: Free PSD Badges, Just For You!


Download the PSD here. (46MB)

I am thinking of creating a similar list about web design template files, with nice free psd icons, resource files to be used in web design. And if there will be any interest, I am thinking to do a list of beautiful PSD works. PSD works are a great chance to see other designer’s techniques and learn from them.

In the next section we will take on the places where you can find some really great resources.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – 100+ Links of Design Elements and Resources

This time we will review some helpful resources for designers, how you can find them, and how can they help you.

Have you ever thought that every day, while you are busy doing your work, there are a lot of people doing almost the same thing as you? And they are releasing it. For free.

And sometimes we just forget all this stuff and lose a lot of time doing things that just didn’t need to be done. Someone else has done it for us. Why should you start from scratch if you can get some cool things and just make them better?

So, this is a post with a lot of links, and with my opinion about many of them. In short, we will be talking about:
• Creative photos collections
• Cool Icon packs, Buttons & Menus
• Professional Font faces
• Useful patterns, brushes, backgrounds, textures
• Templates and other miscellaneous elements
• Online generators and other tools

So, let’s rock!

Creative Photo Collections

Actually, most of you always use stock photos in your layouts. Yeah, they are nice, but many of them just don’t get the point across that you want. Don’t get mad, they don’t ruin your work. But they don’t make it brilliant either.

So, usually you have 2 options:

  1. Use premium stock photos
  2. Take your own photos

I think there is a third option that we almost always forget: Some really artistic and creative photos out there.

We have a lot of photo collections, with photos for specific situations. Think about it, when you are talking about victory, for example, it’s much better to use a real emotional winner photo than a commodity clip art trophy image.

Why they are good: Using in-context funny or emotional images is the easiest way to get your reader’s attention, so you get more time to explain your point.

What you should pay attention to: You must pay attention in copyright notices for images. We can’t steal someone elses image just because it is on the web.

Good Start points:

  • Search for: Photo manipulations, Photo manipulation tutorials, [type] photography (“tilt-shift photography”, for example), [type] examples, [type] showcase, [type] collection
  • 1StWebDesigner (Photography inspiration) – I think you heard about this blog before, it is amazing, isn’t it?
  • From me to you – Jamie’s photography blog, with some amazingly amazing gifs
  • Instant Shift (Photo search) – Artistic photo manipulations galleries, like this 80 excellent example of photo manipulation art.
  • The design work (tag photos) – Fascinating photo collections, like this panoramic photography gallery
  • This Ain’t no Disco – Cool workspaces galleries. As they say “Try not to drool too much”.
  • VanderlayDesign (photo search) – Good for design inspiration in general. You should check this cool rain photography collection.
  • Web Designer Ledger (photo search) – Really good for inspiration. Check this awesome photography shots to change your mood!
  • Flickr (Creative Commons) has always really good photos, and a powerful search engine, that make things even easier.
  • TotallyCoolPix, as its name says, is focused on cool photography. This sports pictures collection, for example, is really useful!
  • We have also this 10 most inspirational deviantart groups (really good, seriously, you must to check this out).
  • Some traditional free / paid stock photo sites like Veer, Public-Domain-Photos, Pixel Perfect Digital, Image After, Design Packs, Free Range Stock, Cepolina, Stock.XCHNG, Morguefile, Toasto and others, are also always a good source.
  • Last but not the least, (brazilian blog, with google translated version) has a lot of cool collections, like this funny bikes gallery

Cool Icon Packs, Buttons & Menus

Sometimes we need an idea of how could we put those 20 links that the customer wants in a really good-looking menu. Moreover, you have to worry about all the “call to actions” and semiotics stuff for icon and button design.

When you feel like this, it is time to steal someone elses design :D

Why they are good: Depending on the site you use to search, it is possible to find really complete icon packs, with “generic” icons for customization (just the background, for example). Many people may have solved the problem with 30 links in the same menu already.

What you should pay attention: It is worthless to find a really cool icon pack, button or menu that you don’t know how to customize. So, if you get a cool wooden icon pack, but don’t know how to make a “home” icon (maybe it is missing), you can’t use it.

Good Start points:

Professional Font Faces

I have to tell you a secret. I don’t know anything about typography. For real. I know just the basics, that serif and sans-serif stuff, but anything beyond this, don’t count on me.

Everytime I read something about typography I get amazed on how this is a wide field to study. And how we are getting better and better at it.

With all this @font-face stuff, it is almost a crime to not use a really professional font in your headlines (at least) without fear of the monster of cross-browser compatibility.

Why they are good: They give a really professional look to your project and they are easy to use.

What you should pay attention: You should notice copyright restrictions (yeah, not every font is free), and whether or not the font you want has some special characters (it is hard to find, for example, c with cedilla or grave accent, really used in Portuguese).

Good Start points:

Useful Patterns, Backgrounds, Textures

Yeah, I love patterns and textures. I used to download patterns because some of them I just don’t know how to create myself, and sometimes I just need a preview of how the work would look with that pattern. Actually, there are so many combinations of patterns, textures and brushes that you could spend all your life just trying combinations. So it is better just to pick some good samples, isn’t it?

Why they are good: They save you a lot of time, with complex and tiled patterns.

What you should pay attention: When you use a texture for websites you have to pay attention in their screen size, because we have a lot of different screen dimensions nowadays, thus many users can see that ugly white background when your texture ends.

Good Start points:

Templates and Other Elements

Yeah, we have a lot of other elements ready to use, that couldn’t be in above list. There are a lot of boxes, ribbons, slide shows, form elements, complete page templates and many other things that you could use in your work. There are a lot of creative design solutions for problems that we all could pass (like slide shows, or complete admin panels), and with this samples, you save a lot of precious hours.

Why they are good: They surely save you a lot of time, and brings you inspiration for common problems.

What you should pay attention: For every element we have a lot of possibilities, and many of them could be good. You don’t have to find a magical unique solution for everything, for each problem there’s more than likely a solution out there. This is why we have so many links in here :D

Good Start points:

Are You Hungry Yet?

I know that you have some useful links to share too. Why don’t you put them in comments, or write a response in your blog?

I’m sure that we will always need new sources to make our designing process more effective.

Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team


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