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These books are brought to you by 1stWebDesigner, where Dainis Graveris managed whole book creation process, Michael John Burns created nice graphics and covers for ebooks and three of our regular writers on 1WD wrote ebooks. Thanks to everybody for their awesome work!

Let’s meet authors:

Responsive Web Site Design, Quick Guide How To Get Your Site Ready For Every Device And Browser

by Jamal Jackson

Jamal is a 19 year old freelance web designer, web developer, writer, and blogger based in Atlanta, Ga.His work can be found at his online identity Five Alarm Interactive(FAI). He is a college student and philosophi- cal poet by day, and passionate professional by night. You can keep up with him on Twitter @5alarmint.

Learn HTML5 Website Basic Features And Elements In 1 Day

by Ruben D’Oliveira

Ruben is a Portuguese UX/UI designer, front-end developer, game developer, and writer. He has a Bachelor’s De- gree in
Information Technology and Multimedia and he’s addicted to web technologies and design. Feel free to check his website. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Latest Web Design Trends, The Road To Good Website Design (2012, Quick Guide)

by Costin Gaman

His creative nature has been obvious ever since he was a child.HeI would sit for hours glued to the TV, watching Cartoon Network and then creating his own representa- tion through drawings, writing or LEGO. At the peak of his LEGO constructor career, he built a functional mini trebuchet with which he knocked down (and obviously broke) various objects which were innocently placed on shelves.Until the end of high-school, he was quite keen on programming and even pursued it further to university, but quickly dropped out. He currently focuses on graphics, video and web and try to be creative in everything that he does.