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How passionate are you about web technology? We believe that there is still vast and untapped information, waiting for the right platform. The 1WD team invites you to share your ideas and knowledge that will benefit, inspire, and challenge other web professionals in and out of our community.

Why You Should Write For 1stWebDesigner

The 1WD community is a vast and dynamic community of highly-engaged and active web professionals from all over the world. Our community has more than 200K total members across different social platforms and more than 750K page views every month. If we think you have an idea worth sharing, you have a large audience who will listen and share what you have to say, giving you the necessary exposure to grow your business and brand.

Writer Guidelines

  • Topics should be focused on web technology - development, design, search engine marketing, social media marketing, business management and strategy, branding, eCommerce, and other web technology related topics.
  • Posts should have a minimum of 1,000 words of easy-to-read paragraphs with appropriate sub-headers and examples. You can use lists and bullet points if necessary.
  • Posts should have images preferably screenshots or images you either own or have rights to use. We prefer images with an 800px width.
  • Posts should not have too much self-promotion. We will provide up to two links to your blog, website, or social profile.
  • Posts and author's bio with affiliate links are highly discouraged. Please do not let us reject a post because of this reason.
  • Posts should be fresh and original. Makes sure that the articles you are submitting to be published on 1WD has been exclusively written for us and is not intended to be published elsewhere, not even on your blog or website.
  • Posts should be ready-to-publish. It means that they are written in near-perfect English with little or no grammatical errors. Avoid needless and vague buzzwords, which are considered fluff.
  • Keep your readers in mind. Our community members are experienced web professionals, so make sure to use appropriate words and terminologies that will not offend your readers' intelligence. On the other hand, a guy who knows almost all web design language might not have heard of William Lidwell, so take time to provide useful background information, even as a link.
  • Guest writers must post the first comment and answer comments and questions related to their posts for 1 month. Otherwise, author bios and personal links will be removed from the post.
  • Guest writers must relinquish exclusive rights to 1WD. After the post has been published, 1WD holds the right to distribute, copy, and republish the article. The writer agrees not to use the article for other publications, but they can use it as a sample in a portfolio.
  • Posts should not have too much self-promotion and are not paid. We will provide up to two links to your blog, website, or social profile.

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