It’s not a secret that Flash websites can be considered as a different kind of art in the web development community because of their limitless animations and stunning designs. Flash websites can also be divided into two groups: 2D and 3D Flash websites.

This showcase will consist of 50 3D websites that really stand out from crowd, have received unique attention and got awards! Don’t think this is just another list – you’ll find endless inspiration in these websites. Each one of them is a definite masterpiece!

Table of Contents:

  1. Cool 3D Websites You Must See
  2. 30 Stunning WebGL Examples and Demos in Action
  3. 55 Unique 3D Models Looking Like Photographs From Real Life

Cool 3D Websites You Must See

1. Element

It’s hard to describe just how cool this website is! With a very stylish intro and superb 3D animations, it all combines to create a great looking website.


2. Ge

Cool website with beautiful 3D objects and animations. Every page has its own good looking 3D objects.


3. Gears Of War – Emergence Day

Brilliant peace of art! Massive 3D scene with animations. Beautifully made 3D fade-in, fade-out transitions for every page.


4. Audi A6

Simple but very good looking website with 3D menu and 3D transitions.


5. Summer Festival

Good looking website with fantastic 3D balloons and stunning animations. It has great features – if you just wait for some time and do nothing, a jet-man will run out of fuel and fall from the sky with an interesting animation. This website was awarded the “site of the day” on FWA.


6. Coca Cola

What’s that? Hey, it’s Coca Cola! A very creative website which consists of many different sub-websites where each is different from each other with its own style, design, and animation.


7. Optus Whale Song

Beautifully made website. Great underwater 3D scene. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


8. Martini Asti

Very classy website with 3D graphics and animations. Also it has cool 3D transitions.


9. White Void

Very beautifully made 3D menu. This 3D portfolio is a very good representation of the style called “minimalism.”


10. The Eco Zoo

A well made 3D website. This website consists not only of some 3D elements but the whole website is like a 3D world. Good work.


11. Premiyum

Beautiful 3D website with great 3D effects. Fantastic. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


12. Get the Glass

Interesting Flash website with brilliant Flash intro which has tons of 3D elements.


13. Sensi Soft

Beautiful work with beautiful 3D scene and animations. Consists of many different 3D scenes where each scene is like a different period of time.


14. Plantate

Beautiful and cartoon style website. A 3D planet in the middle of the website which you can rotate using your mouse.



15. Soft Whiteroom

Beautiful website. Everything is in 3D and very nicely responds to mouse movements.


16. Ha-py Island

Very cheerful website. The whole site is in 3D where you can walk around with a bear. It feels like you are playing a 3D game of some sort. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


17. Hatica

Beautiful and simple website with a 3D object in the middle of website.


18. The Egg Republic

Beautifully made website. It has great 3D animations and transitions from one page to another. It’s also great that every page responds to movements of your mouse. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


19. Foxtel I am uniQue

Social networking website where you can create your own unique 3D portrait. Fantastic idea with great working 3D.


20. Cortex Design

Good looking 3D photo gallery with beautiful reflections. Just clean and simple.


21. The Morph

This website is brilliant! Turn on your webcam and see how all 3D objects follow your motions. Or if you don’t have a webcam then this website also responds to movements of your mouse.


22. Twist and Drink

Cartoon style 3D website with mini games. Very well made!


23. Chuyue

Great piece of work! Beautifully made 3D menu and animations. You can even choose from 4 types of 3D menu layouts.


24. Mr A

A very cool website with awesome 3D work. Great 3D reflections and effects and there is also a mini game in the background.


25. Dasai

A simple website with a 3D navigation menu as a planet. Good use of Papervision3D.


26. Orange

Great piece of work. Everything is in 3D. You walk from one page (room) to another. Well made 3D animations.


27. TBC

Very simple website with a pretty cool 3D menu as a library. And also it has a cool animation when you choose something in this 3D menu.


28. New Work City

Pretty interesting corporate website with some 3D animations. It also has a stunning design. Great work. newworkcity-day-3d-flash-inspiration-webdesign

29. Off The Street Club

Interesting website with many 3D objects that can be rotated. offthestreetclub-3d-flash-inspiration-webdesign

30. Eight Interactive Studio

Just a clean and simple website with 3D animations. Beautiful!


31. Ecsw

Great 3D website with a cool Flash intro. One of the coolest 3D features this website has, is that you can walk around the building by yourself.


32. Zeebee visual communications

A small website with 3D effects that looks brilliant. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


33. Thinking Space

Flash website that has a menu with a very interesting 3D effect. Good looking 3D transitions.


34. Domenico Tedone design

A clean and simple 3D website. Very well made. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


35. Silenzio

This is like a 3D movie library with beautiful 3D transitions. Every animation is very smooth. Good work.


36. Philter Design

Simple and clean 3D website.



37. Rule the Stars

Interesting way of how to draw something – draw it in the sky with stars! Great 3D work. Can also be like a nice little present for your girlfriend/boyfriend (your drawing of course) – she/he will like it, I promise. This website was awarded as “site of the day” on FWA.


38. LBi Atlanta

Good looking website with very cool 3D navigation menu. Just hit “Browse” on the right side of the website to see 3D navigation menu.


39. 3spin

Very good looking website with awesome 3D navigation menu where you fly from one page to another.


40. Comcast Town

Very big and cheerful flash website with many interesting 3D elements.


41. Fendi

Website with 3D photo gallery. Looks very good.


42. Roca Meridian

Clean and simple website in 3D cube.


43. Air Canada Leaveless

Beautiful corporate style website with some 3D elements. Very smooth 3D animations. For example, there is a smooth animation when the card flips over.


44. Grillhelden

Website with 3D background which responds to mouse movements. Good looking website with great use of Papervision3D.


45. 13flo

Good looking website with a 3D menu. You can choose from 4 different versions  of this layout.


46. Inavi 3D

Great piece of work. Almost the whole scene is in 3D with awesome 3D transitions.


47. Njoore

Completely 3D website with very cool and entertaining loading as a mini game. I really enjoyed this little cheerful mini game. This website was awarded “site of the day” on FWA.


48. Cristof Echard

Portfolio website with beautiful 3D transition effects.


49. X-Prime

Very cool Flash website with 3D elements. It has an interesting 3D menu.


50. 3 Words Game

Very cool 3D navigation menu.


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30 Stunning WebGL Examples and Demos in Action

WebGL(Web Graphics Library) was released on the Web early last year. Its ability to use HTML5 Canvas elements to generate graphics dynamically made it easy for web designers and developers to create smooth 2D and 3D effects. Here are some WebGL examples and demos you should look at.

WebGL is a branch of OpenGL based on OpenGL Embedded Systems (ES). It is a JavaScript API for drawing 2D and 3D graphics in a compatible web browser of an HTML5 canvas without the use of plugins.

This Javascript API is managed by the consortium of non-profit technology Khronos Group and work together with the Mozilla Foundation. Since early 2009, they’ve developed prototypes and deploy such technology.

WebGl is still growing, although most of the modern browsers support it, it may need to work on old browsers, too. In this article, I’ve come across quite a lot of examples and demos of WebGL that can enhance your understanding of this new technology.

So sit back and relax, pull up your latest browser, and check out these stunning WebGL demos.



Created by Greggman and Human Engines. The aquarium runs almost entirely based on a clock. That means the position of the camera and every fish will be the same across machines if their clocks are in sync. When in networked mode, each machine keeps its clock in sync by periodically asking the server for the current time.

3 Dreams of Black


A semi-interactive film authored by Chris Milk. It was created using technology developed by Google. It works with Chrome, mixing 2D and 3D computer graphics, showcasing the song “Black” by Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi with Norah Jones and Jack White.



A WebGL innovative game inspired with Google maps technology. It consists of elements you see in Google Maps and analog labyrinth games, combined with amazing controls that can break an experience.

Flight of the Navigator


A non-interactive music video rendered in real-time JavaScript and WebGL with Flickr and Twitter integration developed by the Mozilla Audio API team.

Angry Birds


A web version of Angry Birds created by Rovio. It is a low-resolution (SD) version based on the non-hardware-accelerated 2D canvas game.



Chemdoodle is a scientific visualization which lets you pick one among a number of medications and see a 3D display of its chemical structure on compatible browsers, developed by iChemLabs.



A dynamic Jellyfish WebGL demo built with Vladimir Vukićević’s mjs matrix library. It showcases simulated skeletons, partial server-side simulation and synchronization with WebSocket and camera facing a particle system and volumetric light effect.

WebGL Bookcase


Google Books’ new flashy interface styled after the helix. Within the spiral, books are sorted by subject. Clicking on any book takes you to the entry in Google Books.

Just a Reflektor


Just a Reflektor is the band, Arcade Fire’s music video which was collaborated on with Google. Using your mouse, you can adjust various real-time filters and effects. This WebGL will require a webcam or simply your mouse.

WebGL Earth


An open source software enabling exploration, zooming and “playing” with the 3D globe in a web browser. The project is sustained through the support and cooperation of the web developer community.



3Dtin is an easy-to-use tool for creating shapes with a natural voxel-oriented 3D pixel approach with the feature to export your project in 3D printing services.

The Biodigital Human


The BioDigital Human is a virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform.

WebGL Rubik’s Cube


A Rubik’s Cube applets from Java to WebGL developed by Werner Randelshofer. Parts of the code are from the WebGL demo repository. Codes used in this WebGL are copyrighted by Apple Inc. and by Google Inc., and is used under their permission.



Developed by Daniel Patterson using Google’s code. It enables you to play around with the color of the video such as contrast and tint.



Developed by Paul Brunt and used as a framework for making WebGL, this is a JavaScript library intended to ease the use of WebGL, allowing for the use of hardware accelerated 2D/3D applications without having to download plugins.



Digital studio Grouek designed this Web GL website that allows anyone to create a paper toy in 3 easy steps. Once you’re done, print the PDF, cut, fold and glue by following the instructions. In less time than you think, a beautiful, unique, self-created paper toy will proudly stand on your desktop.

A Holiday Message


Developed by @thespite and @mrdoob. It will first require you to put on your address before proceeding. Once entered, you’ll see a beautiful 3D scene that has holiday greetings on it where you can move a long using your mouse to view the whole 3D models.

nouvelle vague


Nouvelle Vague offers a poetic and interactive real-time 3D WebGL experience based on Twitter. In a minimalist and strange world. Tweets are being carried out with different flying objects from borders of the scene to the center.

Materials: Cars


With this WebGL, you can choose to view the 3D looks of Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F50 and Chevrolet Camaro in your browser. Pick your ride and enjoy the view. Guess what, you can even choose their colors.

Collectibles Painter


Collectibles Painter is a WebGL-based collectible figure designer that allows you to create your own personal toy collectible with paint, decals, and materials. You can then share your favorite creation with your friends. Choose from 10 different skin tones, faces, hair styles and the like. Graphic effects include:

  • Environment-based lighting
  • A single-pass shader effect
  • Soft shadows using PCF filtering
  • Texture based projection for stickers.

Quake 3


Developed by Brandon Jones, it is an impressive WebGL game demo complete with music. You can play it by using your keyboard and mouse.

WebGL Image Filter


A WebGL graphic editor application by Evan Wondrasek with a smooth and fast interface. You can play around with filter effects like the brightness and contrast similar to the features you see in Photoshop.

From Dust


A WebGL game originally released a couple years ago on some traditional gaming platforms. Ubisoft has ported this game to WebGL. It contains amusing and amazing effects and controls.


A WebGL that offers a 3D logo on the header with basic settings when the user scrolls down. It offers the possibility that WebGL can be used as a practical addition to a website or software application.

WebGL Terrain


A WebGL demo with dynamic procedural terrain using 3D simplex noise. It features birds from and the background sound is by Kevin Maclead.

Songs of Diridum


This WebGL demo offers a true web hi-fi jazz experience in a 3D magic voxel world with WebGL and WebAudio. Use WASD keys, the most common configuration of arrow keys to navigate. Use the control panel to remix the jazz-band. It was developed by Goo Technologies.



A simple fireworks show using WebGL and Web Audio API developed by Jaakko Rinta-Filippula.

WebGL Water


An experiment by Evan Wallace which features an interactive scene of a ball in a pool with reytraced reflections and refractions, analytic ambient occlusion, caustics and soft shadows.

WebGL Terrain Editor


WebGL Terrain Editor, created by Rob Chadwick, is an amazing WebGL built with technical features that allow you to craft your own landscapes in real-time. It features some stunning effects such as ray-traced soft and volumetric shadows.



A WebGL created by HelloEnjoy, is an interactive 3D toy car that you can drive around your screen. You can tilt to steer, touch right to accelerate and left to reverse. Swipe right or left to restart if you get lost.

Wrapping Up

WebGL offers a great 3D Javascript display; however, some of them require a modern GPU to get it running and a powerful one at that. There are also some warnings that WebGL contains multiple possible security issues which might lead to random execution of codes or even cross-domain attacks. See Wikipedia.

There are a lot of suggestions coming from Mozilla and Google to strengthen security, which might help in the future development of this technology.

This article showcases the different amazing WebGL demos and examples to make you understand this new technology. We hope it amazes you and let us know what you think.

As we speak about 3D websites and stuff, let’s take a look at some great 3D models, too.

55 Unique 3D Models That Look Like Real Life Photographs

3D modeling, also known as meshing, is the process of making an object in three-dimensions with the use of software such as 3D Studio Max, Solidworks, Blender, etc.

Today, 3D models are widely used by movies and video games for character development. Even the architecture industry now uses 3D models as the way of showing proposed structures. And in the world of design, one great thing you can do to attract attention and add a touch of creativity is to use 3D as an element on their design.

To amaze you even more, I have rounded up the best 3D models in this article to serve as inspiration in making one of your own.

Realistic 3D Design

1. Audi TT Interior

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, VRay

Audi TT Interior

2. Housing Interior

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Housing interior

3. Students Room

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Students room

4. Summer at Noon

Software Used: CINEMA 4D, VRay

Summer at noon

5. Feminine Kitchen

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Feminine kitchen

6. Westbound, With mail

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, VRay

Westbound with mail

7. Restaurent

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Sketch Up, VRay


8. Casas do Forte

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay

Casas do Forte

9. Heels

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, VRay


10. Simple Corner

Software Used: Blender, GIMP


Character Model Design


Software Used: 3D Studio max, Mental Ray, Photoshop

Evil witch

12. Open Green


13. Thor, the son of Odin

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Mudbox, Photoshop



14. Wolverine

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, VRay, Photoshop


15. Buzz

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Photoshop



16. Conforming Outfit V4 Alice


17. La Espera

Software Used: LightWave, Fiver FX, SUBPATCH


18. Day of the Tentacles

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Day of the tentacles

19. Chumani for Aponi, Freebie


20. Moe’s

Software Used: Mental Ray, Photoshop


21. Barack Obama

Software Used: ZBrush, Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop


22. Max and Milton

Software Used: Maya, Photoshop

Max and milton

23. Cell

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, ZBrush


24. X14 Sci-Fi Suit for V4 Alice


25. Benjamin Linus

Software Used: Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Photoshop


26. Fish Man

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Fish man

27. Fortress Giant

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Photoshop

Fortress giant

28. Udaan (Flight)

Software Used: Maya, Photoshop

Udaan flight

29. Gollum

Software Used: Maya, Modo, Zbrush, Photoshop


30. Starcraft Ghost, Yimin Zhang (3D)

Software Used: Maya

Starcraft Ghost, Yimin Zhang (3D)

31. Cali (short film lead character)

Software Used: Combustion, Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop


32. Twisted Dolls: Mistress Lili

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Twisted Dolls Mistress Lili

33. TMNT

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Mental Ray


34. Darth Necros Zbrush model


35. 3D Iron Man for Maya

Software Used: Maya 8.5


Car Model Design

36. Ikarus 260 city bus

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, VRay


37. Land Rover Encounter

Land Rover Encounter

38. Renault Landstorm

Renault Landstorm

39. Porsche 911 996 Top Art Chrome Look

Porsche 911 996 Top Art Chrome Look

40. Ford Focus WRC Concept

Ford focus wrc concept

41. Mustang Classic

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, VRay

Mustang classic

42. Mach 5 Toy Model

Mach 5 toy model

43. Setra 700 Series

Setra 700 Series

44. ‘Hawk’ Concept Vehicle

Software Used: Cinema 4D

Hawk concept vehicle

45. EB-One


46. 3–D Modeling

3-D Modeling

47. BMW 250tti Concept

BMW 250tti Concept

48. 1971 Plymouth Satellite

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, VRay

1971 Plymouth Satellite

49. Truck

Software Used: Maya, Ligthwave


50. Volkswagen Microbus


Robot Model Design

51. urz-t

Software Used: Cinema 4D


52. Robot Hopper

Software Used: 3D Studio Max 5, Brazil RS


53. Scorbot

Software Used: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, VRay


54. Blue Wondering

Software Used: Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop


55. Spektrum XL13


And those are just some of the amazing 3D models you can find on the web. I hope you enjoyed them and that you’re now inspired to create your own 3D model.

BONUS: 3D Tutorials Resources

3D Tutorials

A comprehensive tutorial database site featuring free 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Bryce, SoftImage and Cinema 4D tutorials. The site is updated daily with new 3D tutorials being added all the time.

Tutorial Guide is a website dedicated to finding tutorials for you. The people behind Tutorial Guide call the website a tutorial index website. The purpose of it is to provide you with a great collection of tutorials on all sorts of subjects in a safe and easy way. It strives to showcase effective and unique tutorials on as many subjects as possible.


This site ( was founded by guys from the websites. It aims to create the most valuable sites for CG and 3D artists from all around the world. The people behind this website want to help people grow to improve their skills and knowledge. They like to help people new to CG by providing them with top-notch free tutorials and even more!

Tutorials 3D

The main objective is to provide high quality online tutorials to students via a fast and effective learning method.

In addition, is a sale point for high resolution 3D models, where the 3D model creators can add their creations so all the interested people can preview them and eventually make a purchase.

I hope you feel inspired in creating your own 3D model with the help of these 3D tutorial resources.

What did you like the most in these 3D models? Or do you want to share your own 3D models? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Editorial Team

Written by Editorial Team


  1. The Eco Zoo is the most incredible website done actually!

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  10. It’s a huge error to make a 100% Flash site. They eliminate all iDevice users, and many Flash elements cause problems like stalling and crashing. I’m impressed with non-Flash websites that are still jaw-dropping.

    This is an A+ collection though. I would use the ideas to create non-Flash pages with 3D design elements on them.


    1. True as. I reckon plugin based 3D rendering is definately not a good choice. Flash is way too dumb for real time and realastic 3D simulations and animations. webGL is heaps heaps heaps better for GPU acclerated 3D graphics on the web compared to dumb flash. Most of the web browsers doesn’t comes with flash player pre installed.


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  12. It’s interesting to note that a lot of these sites have abandoned their 3D versions and switched to a non-3d site. Loading times are horrendous on a lot of these and once their loaded, I found it wasn’t worth the wait. Good source of inspiration, but for mimicking purposes only, not actually building sustainable sites.


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    If you want great 3d, you should start supporting c3dl/webgl. Flash is too much overhead, when you can have javascript interface directly with GL.


    1. Dainis Graveris January 8, 2010 at 12:19

      Sure, you’ll right, but there are companies, which don’t care about Google either and they just want to stand out in endless creativity. It was hard for me to understand that approach either – but if company has great clients and network, they don’t need to worry about Google,some people whose browsers don’t support flash at all or maybe they cannot load it because of slow internet connection.

      Not all websites and companies think about usability in first place, but you cannot deny how creative and professional those websites are.


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